A fresh salad with many nutrients

dietHave you ever tried a warm lentil salad and fish? Can become an exceptional recipe for a summer evening and will fit into your diet without any problem. Be sure to follow the steps suggested in the recipe and have list.

Without doubt, the salads are the signature dish of the summer. Since this concept is far from a boring salad was always composed of the same things. Fruits, raw and cooked vegetables, leaves, grilled meats, seeds, colors, textures and all kinds of details can be found on the same plate. Well, on that side is the light given this recipe.

Maybe not quite the usual combination of lentils with grilled fish, but looks good. And much more if these items are served warm, with tomatoes, greens, onions, fennel and dressing, of course. It’s a simple, fresh recipe and that can leave anyone really satisfied.

Recipe Information:

Number of servings: 2

Calories per serving: 220

Difficulty: Easy / Medium

Preparation time: 20 minutes


A piece of salmon 100 grams

100 grams of cooked lentils

100 grams of cherry tomatoes

100 grams of fennel cut rather thin

A piece of red onion

Mattress greens several

One tablespoon of lemon juice

A teaspoon of olive oil

Salt, pepper and chopped parsley or cilantro


Be the lentils already cooked, something warm. Meanwhile, cut the fish into cubes and salute in a hot pan or griddle without oil, until golden and cooked.

In a bowl or large plate, place green leaves below. Served over lentils with cherry tomatoes in half, fennel, red onion pen, and finally, salmon and hot.

To finish the dish, you will not only season with salt, pepper and chopped parsley. Of course, the lemon juice and olive oil. All is able to enjoy a rich, full, perfect for summer and low calorie salad.

What brings you to this salad?

Good protein and energy: Lentils are always an excellent choice for any diet because it will provide iron, carbohydrates and proteins, as you also provide the fish.

Quality fatty acids: Both the olive oil and the omega 3 from oily fish are beneficial lipids, but not abuse them, they are more likely to help your body and raise good cholesterol.

Raw elements have many micronutrients: Raw vegetables like leaves, fennel, onions or tomatoes will give you fiber, vitamins and minerals of all kinds of all kinds to your body. Raw vegetables retain their nutrients and enzymes to maximum level so that your body can use them.

You can replace the fish: If you did not like fish, you can replace with chicken or turkey. If you were vegetarian, replaced with grilled Dorado, which will be a great tofu.

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