A complication of obesity progresses

weight loseEvery day you hear about more about sarcopenia. This is because more and more people suffer from this disease, which produce changes in body composition and functions. According to some research, not only over time associated with this disease but also obesity.

To begin it is important to know what is sarcopenia .This disease is characterized by degenerative loss of muscle mass and strength with aging. Muscle mass is lost for various reasons, not just the elderly it is causal, but a sedentary lifestyle and obesity.

The diagnosis of the infection is complicated, but there is the use of certain methods that can define sarcopenia based on measures that are below the average for a healthy adult.

Although the disease occurs as a possible consequence of the passage of time, certain scientific research today realizes that obesity is another possible cause.

Saprogenic obesity is the combination of excess body weight and the reduced mass and / or muscle strength. While body fat increases, muscle mass decreases.

During the formation of sarcopenia in obesity and a number of metabolic processes changes occur, such as resistance to lepton.

Muscle mass is very important in both young and elderly, as muscles movements not only give but also transforms the energy, stabilize joints, maintains posture and maintains body temperature . It is therefore very important to maintain or increase muscle mass at the expense of adipose tissue.

An obese person has several factors common to sarcopenia risk because of aging, such as reduced muscle mass and inactivity or sedentary lifestyle.

The reduction of muscle tissue in an overweight may cause insulin resistance, because the hormone receptors are reduced in muscle. This situation develops metabolic syndrome.

If you are obese and possess a reduced muscle mass is more likely to reduce your functional capacity in the future. Therefore, if you suffer from obesity have a reason to diet and physical activity. This form will not only be healthier, but also to prevent diseases that may provoke mobility problems.

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