Why eat protein at dinner

weight loseImportance of proteins in weight loss diets

Proteins are essential nutrients for maintaining health. Nevertheless, these macro nutrients have importance in weight loss diets, so in this paper we provide an answer to why eating protein consumed at dinner.

There are three macro nutrients found in food and which affect the proper functioning of the body, and also influence the thinning process. One of these macro nutrients is proteins.

For two reasons

Proteins provide the same amount of energy as carbohydrate, 4 kcal / g. protein, but the body uses more energy to digest and metabolize. Instead carbohydrates and fats in that order are used directly for energy production.

By consuming protein, the body is forced to get energy from glucose reserves and fats because the energy cost is less for the body. C hen meals on the carbohydrate and fat intake are reduced, the body uses in the first instance after circulating glucose and fatty acids from adipose tissue.

Given this information, what is important to eat protein at the end of the day? Consuming protein foods at dinner causes increased metabolism, mobilizing fat and glucose reserves. This process helps to burn fat faster.

If instead of eating protein foods rich in carbohydrates only consumers and fats, these nutrients would be used for energy and the remainder accumulates in the fatty tissue.

On the other hand, eat protein at dinner helps to lose because your metabolism overnight low weight. As a result, the body much energy provided by foods high in sugars and fats is required.

What effects cause the protein consumed at dinner?

Leads to increased metabolism, burning fat.Repairing muscles and tissues.Enhances hormone production, among others.

For this reason, many diets suggest combat overweight by eating foods high in carbohydrates the first half of the day, leaving the protein foods for the late afternoon and evening. This way you adapt your diet to your metabolism. It is worth mentioning that meat consumed should be lean, skinless, no visible fat.

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