What you need for effective weight loss thighs?

weight lossEffective slimming thighs – the dream of women. Sometimes slender figure and hips too serious. A set of exercises on how to effectively lose weight in the hips will help to acquire harmony.

How to successfully lose weight in the thighs in a short time? To achieve the desired, you need to do a special set of exercises and a number of cosmetic procedures. A lot of time this would not require.

In expectation of beach season with a sigh women view their hips. General view of hate. Extra pounds that are deposit on them in connection with the anatomical structure of the body, the appearance of cellulite crust. How to effectively lose weight in the hips, if, despite the diet, their shape does not change?

The subsequent exercises, from which you can make suitable for a complex, will help solve the problem. You can engage in at home enough 3 – 5 loads per week.

These exercises are perform near the wall. This device is available in almost every residential area. Exception – yurts and tents.

By tightly pressed alongside the back wall, to feel her buttocks and shoulder blades, put your feet shoulder-width apart, and do squats. Not fully lowered, slide to the position – knees bent to just about a right angle. Back from the wall during the entire exercise is not torn.

In wall abut in a straight line arms at shoulder level and try to nestle leg bent at the knee. Then the legs are retracted and make swallow. How high soars swallow, depends on the stretch.

Leaning on the wall, do a few squat to the floor. At the lowest point several times springy hips – up and down. This exercise can be done without confidence on the wall, but there is a risk to fall.

In the second and third exercise wall can replace a chair or wall bars if she has at home.

For the next work out need any thing that would be of support. This may be a children’s stool, roll off the couch. Regular chair or kitchen stool will not work – too high. Ideally, if you have the chance to go to the staircase – stair treads best option.

Feet in the deployed position are at different levels. In this position, doing squats.

When climbing stairs driveway stepping over the step. Three flights per day perfectly toned thighs.

Exercise with a stick. Feet are shoulder widths apart, stick firmly against his chest. Requires climbing on the fingers of one foot, the other leg bent, pulled back.

Squats in the fourth position of the ballet. Feet shoulder width apart, feet divorced. Performed slowly, legs bent to 90 degrees, hands relaxed and lowered along the body.

It is important to include in the set of exercises such that an inner part of the thighs is reduced. That’s where the preponderance of women is the main problem area.

Kick their feet. Made alternately legs while not high rise. Go-ahead run in a straight line first. Makhovaia then rotating. Hands are on at the same time zone.

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