Weight your knowledge about solving this puzzle obesity

weight loseAn entertainment you discover how much you know of overweight

Overweight problems are not new. However, the incidence of obesity in the world population is increasing year after year. To combat it is necessary to know. You know how much overweight? Peas your knowledge by solving this puzzle.


Obesity increases constantly. Sedentary habits, coupled with an increasingly less healthy, more calorie diet are largely responsible for this trend.

Surely you know the subject. However, before solving the puzzle you’ll find at the bottom, what do you think if we look at some of the most prominent issues of this problem?

Did you know that obesity can be genetic or acquired? Indeed, it is when the genetic tendency to obesity is transmitted in heritable. Thus, families are obese, which add to the predisposition, bad habits and conditioning environment.

Have you heard of IMC? Stands for Body Mass Index. They this indicator measures the degree of obesity. The extremely overweight is known as morbid obesity, a state that can be very difficult to reverse.

In any case, some hormonal factors may cause overweight. Such is the case of hypothyroidism, thyroid gland disarray characterized by the slower metabolism.

Although you pare amazing, the food can become a true addiction. When this occurs is common bingeing, compulsive behaviors, in which an excessive amount of food ingested.

Most troubling is that the consequences of obesity are manifested throughout the body. For example, in the liver, hepatocytes are filled with fat, known as hepatic statuses or more commonly, as fatty liver disease.

 In extreme cases, when is caloric diets fail, because it is not possible to maintain the strict restriction of calories is required to lose weight, is used to barbaric surgery. Surgical treatment is often the only alternative to combat morbid obesity.

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