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weight loseFruits in general are essential in a diet to lose weight. This requires you to know the nutritional information for all of them, such as kinoto. This paper will know how many calories contributes and more.

The kinoto, also known as Chinese orange, kumquat, kumquat or dwarf orange, is a native fruit of Asia. Their sweet and delicate flavor transforms this fruit as a very valuable food.

But not only for their organoleptic characteristics can consume, but also has special nutritional features that allow you can include them in your diet, whether you want to lose weight like you want to keep on weight.

To begin it is important to know what your caloric value.100 gr of fresh kumquats provide 71 calories.While it can bring a little higher caloric value than other fruits, their consumption is easy to control, and that knowing how much it weighs approximately every kinoto, you know how many calories to eat and control.

A kumquat weighs about 19 grams, which provides 13 calories. I mean that if you eat four kimono’s be contributing to your body about 50 calories.

While they can consume the kumquats for dessert, are ideal for a snack or when you feel like something sweet anxiety overcomes you.

Moreover, you can not forget that you are not only contributing calories, but nutrients and organic compounds that can facilitate and enhance the slimming process.Nutritional information for the kumquats.

Water: 80 gr.

Carbohydrates: 15.90 gr.

Fiber: 6.5 g.

Fat: 0.86 gr.

Protein: 1.88 r.

Minerals: Calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus.

Vitamins: Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin A,

How might help you lose weight the kumquats?

Debug and detoxifies the body. The fiber contains helps you stimulate peristalsis and eliminate toxins that can interfere with your slimming process. If additional overweight have high cholesterol or suffer from constipation are also very useful.

Antioxidant action. There are various antioxidants in the kinotos to accelerate the metabolism of fats.Tranquilizing action. Nuts contain a substance known as limonene, which acts as a natural tranquilizer and sedative. In this case the fruits are not only useful, but also leaves through its infusion or tea.

Increases dieresis. If you suffer from fluid retention the kumquats are a natural remedy to treat because it contains a high percentage of potassium. This benefit can also help reduce your blood pressure, if they usually have higher values.

Most overweight people only concentrate on the caloric content of foods, but this is not the only parameter to consider when you want to lose weight.

Therefore, if you are on a diet you can take advantage of the benefits of kinotos; just keep in mind the amount you eat. A portion of 4 or 5 kinotos can be an excellent choice to consume a mid-morning or afternoon.

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