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If you’re about to subject you to a barbaric surgery, you might wonder when its appropriate medical discharge, still recuperating at home. If you want to know the answer, do not stop reading this article.

The Weight loss surgery is the last option that the doctor considers when diet and exercise is not enough to lose all the weight needed. This method requires special medical care, ranging from consultation to recovery at home once the operation.

While there are many concerns that you encounter when making the decision to operate on you, one of the common knows how long will receive a medical discharge while still in your home.

We must make the difference between hospital and medical high. The first is the high it gives you the doctor so you can continue with the recovery and treatment at home. The second is high after having achieved the objectives.

The hospital ASAP and will depend on the recovery of each patient. Wanted to be the shortest possible time to avoid nonsocial infections.

When you receive a medical discharge after surgery

The medical discharge depends on each patient, their recovery and their behavior towards treatment. In some cases a medical discharge could be performed annually and in some cases two years, and that while surgery may be successful, it is necessary to control weight and various blood parameters.

Most patients can lose on average 7 kilos in the hospital. After that, once given discharge, can lose about 4 kilos for a year. It is estimated that this weight loss corresponds to the third of preoperative weight. While weight loss is rapid at first, spend about 3 months to make you feel good. Once in your home, it is important that every day you go out for a walk twice a day, thus the weight loss will be greater.

Moreover, it is important that you do analytically you every 3 months to see the evolution of your glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, etc. In joint operations, these controls should be performed for two years.

In addition to considering these controls, you need to know the care that you have in your home


It can last up to two months and requires some care.

Wound Care. It is important to place a sterile dressing and the wound may exude some liquid.

Showers. Once you remove the points, you can take a shower 24 hours later. You must be careful that water does not fall hard on the wound. When dry off, do it gently.

These tips are more than suitable for the recovery faster. Remember that, if the results are positive, you must follow all medical advice.

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