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Weight loseNatural compounds that stimulate dieresis

Overweight and fluid retention, in many cases, are related. Therefore, it is important to know some natural remedies that allow you to remove and control liquids and overweight. One of these home remedies is the tea ash, meadowsweet and bearberry plants that possess active compounds that stimulate dieresis. Do not miss it!

Fluid retention and overweight are related. The causes are many: may be due, for example, the presence of high blood pressure or the days before menstruation.

Whatever the cause, water retention may cause overweight or can negatively influence the weight loss plan. To do this, you may have to hand different teas, infusions or tisanes that, naturally, help you lose fluid. One of these natural remedies is the tea ash, meadowsweet and bearberry.

First I find it interesting that know how to operate each of the medicinal plants that make up this tisane.

Ash is a plant containing falconoid that provide, which can help if you suffer from abdominal swelling anti-inflammatory properties. On the other hand, contains manifold and potassium salts that help eliminate excess fluids, as well as waste that can harm health.

Meadowsweet and Meadowsweet is an herb that also has potassium salts and other substances that stimulate the elimination of excess fluid from the body. Also, you will know inflammations, analgesic and antacid properties, three properties that favor the thinning process and improving the digestive metabolic process.

Bearberry is a plant because it contains falconoid and other organic compounds, also has diuretic properties that helps eliminate fluids.

By uniting these three medicinal plants herbal tea with natural properties to treat fluid retention develops.

How to prepare the tea of ash, meadowsweet and bearberry?


10 gr. ash.

10 gr. meadowsweet.

10 gr. bearberry.

1 liter of water.


Mix the herbs and place them in the water. Take fire and simmer for 5 minutes. After that, let stand for 15 minutes, damage and drink.

How to drink this infusion

It is suggested to drink twice a day, once after lunch and dinner.


Note that, if you suffer from high blood pressure and are taking medication, you should consult your doctor. Combining this with medication infusion could reduce your blood pressure too.

Remember that it is always essential to consult a doctor before taking a tea infusion or tea; and you should include this recipe in a diet plan for weight loss.

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