Want to win a personalized diet

lose weightWin a diet made for you and monitored by a nutritionist exclusively for you

You no longer know what to do to lose those extra kilos? Losing Weight in a you can earn 15 days personalized diet, made for you and monitored by our nutritionist. There are already several people who have won a contest and slimming hand APP. Want to be next? So do not miss this opportunity!


Summer is just starting days and everyone wants to be completely ready to look your best figure. And you. How are you? Do you feel you achieved yet the way you intended? Then be sure to enter this contest, in which you can earn no less than 15 days personalized diet, made for you and thinking about what you need, guided by a nutritionist and follow up throughout the process. Just what you need to start being like you wanted!

What do you win in this contest?

A 15-day diet completely customized. Receive detailed what you’re going to have to eat every day, to keep track of a nutritionist and all the advice you need to move forward menu.

To do this, first you will have a virtual meeting with the nutritionist and there you will tell him what you like , what did not, how many kilos you want to lose, what type of diet Worth and all you need to do it for you and based on what you need. Moreover, once started the diet, you will also have to monitor and see how you are going to keep the flame alive challenge. The idea is that you can achieve your goals!

In addition to the customized and monitored diet, you’ll also have access to what could be called good food guide, where they will give you many tips that will for life and will help you get the eating habits needed as so you do not recover more weight you lose.

Responsible for preparing the diet, have prior meeting with you and track your progress is not only registered nutritionist and specialist in everything that has to do with food, but who gives you daily tips for all types A Losing Weight. Well, now you can have at your disposal to help you personally.

Note that you are receiving an award that exceeds the market worth 200 euros!

First, you must be eager to get in shape, all will and fulfill a diet, which will be under observation and monitoring for 15 days to properly do things and to be able to make queries you go taking in the course thereof.

You must convince the rest of the people that are right for the win or the 15-day personalized diet. Tell us all why you want to lose weight, what motivates you to reach that goal you have set. Convince everyone that we should vote for you.

To enter, you must comment on this article, stating, as we told you the reasons why you want to win this personalized diet and good eating guide. Note that it is also very important to invite you to vote and also worry the text you type, which should be enough to touching others you choose.

For this reason, vote for the other, because if you do not win, you will ensure that you will be representing the right person, then that will tell in great detail how she was with this topic.

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