Therapeutic diet for pancreatitis

dietPancreatic is a very disagreeable disease, which has a very strong pain. When the disease is pancreatic damage, one of the most significant organs of the human body. Pancreatic enzymes aid in the digestion is carried out in the intestine of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. A pancreatic hormone is keeping pace by blood glucose levels.

Cause of pancreatic can serve as infection, obstruction of the gallbladder or duct of the gland, poisoning, trauma, helminthiasis, allergies and frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages in large quantities for a long time.

Acute or chronic forms of pancreatic can occur because of the liver and biliary tract disorders occurred because of long breaks at meals, diet, etc. Pancreatic can be caused by complications obtained after duodenal ulcer.

Individual treatment of pancreatic is usually appointed doctor. General treatment is to ensure complete rest, abstinence from food for a while. The main component of treatment medical diet for pancreatic, which also helps to make the pain less severe.

Diet in chronic pancreatic

In chronic pancreatic, inflammation then subsides, and then flashes again. Is a gradual replacement of normal pancreatic tissue scar? Therefore, pancreatic should be promptly and correctly treated. The earlier the treatment, the more likely it is that they can fully recover the purpose and arrangement of the pancreas.

Thus, a diet for pancreatic begins with a hunger strike in the first two or three days. To pancreatic not reappeared necessary exemption of alcohol, fried, fatty and spicy foods, strong broths, acidic juices, smoked foods, spices, just as if pancreatic had an effect, it is likely to come back if you do not follow a diet and restrictions nutrition. After a hunger strike to eat from 5 to 6 times or more a day in small portions. At this time, recommended the use of certain types of fish, meat, mild cheese, fresh low fat cottage cheese. In the daily diet fat content should not exceed 60 g due to the fact that excluded pork and lamb fat. Limitation applies to the use of starchy foods, especially sweet. You only need to eat warm food. Observing such a diet, the pancreas gradually getting better from pancreatic.

In chronic pancreatic, in order to avoid aggravation, competent diet is very important. Recommended to eat food or steam foods, baked in the oven. You can include in your menu white slightly dried bread, crackers, cereals and vegetable soups that do not contain cabbage. Meat allowed veal, lean beef, turkey, chicken, and rabbit in a souffle, meatballs, and quenelle. You can eat lean fish – walleye, cod, bream, pike, carp, and saffron cod in the steam or boiled. Dairy products can be eaten only in the form of non-acidic – yogurt, kefir, sour curd, audiophiles, mild cheese, such as Dutch. Permitted in ready meals add butter and vegetable oil. Recommended eating different cereals, especially buckwheat and oat cereals in the form of mashed, boiled noodles and noodles. Vegetables should also be mashed and boiled – carrots, squash, potatoes, zucchini, cauliflower, beets.

Fruit can eat pureed and baked sweet apples peeled dried fruits, compotes, jellies, fruit and berry sauce, sour juices. Forever have to forget about the taste of fatty meats, fish and poultry, pastry, fresh bread, sausages, smoked meat and sharp cheeses. The same applies to meat, chicken, fish, mushroom broth, soup, borscht, fat sour cream, eggs, pigs and lamb fat, bean, cabbage, radish, radish, spinach and sorrel. Can not eat acidic juices, sweets, fruit, pickles, pickles, pepper, spices, and all fried foods.

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