The most popular food diets in this alphabet soup

dietWhat do you know star food to lose weight?

Some foods are true workhorses, when dieting for weight loss is all about. So much so that they become food star, which rotates around an entire diet. Did you know? Then I challenge you to discover the most popular 6 in this puzzle. Do you feel like?


While it is true that the properties of some foods diet are really wonderful, fanaticism is not good, let alone when a balanced diet is. As well the saying goes variety is the taste, and furthermore, health.

However, diets around some food there and continue to exist. Some with so little support base as the bread and butter and some with some foundation as garlic. Anyway, can not be overemphasized on the benefits of a full and varied diet.

That said, I invite you to discover the puzzle you’ll find at the bottom, 6 diets based on a popular food, from the following tracks:

The main food of this diet is a key citrus in the alkaline diet. Yeah! That’s it! Do not put face.The star is a fruit. Says the English proverb that one of them each day, keep the doctor away.This food diet takes as basis the cereal Star Dukan diet. Guess what diet is?Everything revolves around a soup prepared from a food that could not be more layers.Diuretic and cleansing diet, based on a tropical fruit that cleave strong.

The workhorse is a tasty flower that protects the liver. Supplements made from the extract is sold in capsules and vials. You know what?Now that you have these tracks, discover in this alphabet soup star foods that give the name to 6 popular diets.

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