The chip is the most fattening food

dietTasty, irresistible, but very rich in calories

The fries are one of the most popular, tasty and irresistible meals in recent memory. They are consumed by both children and adults. Nevertheless, did you know it is the most fattening food to be very high in calories?

A recent learning by Harvard University in the United States, said that the choice of food is the main cause of the spread of obesity, and the fries are the biggest culprits.

Each daily serving of about 30 grams. Of chips provides 160 calories and causes an increase of 0.77 kilos a 4-year period. While other foods, such as sweets and desserts can make increase 0.19 kilos in the same period of time.

This result was obtained after evaluating the dietary habits of 120,887 people over twenty years.

This is one of the most comprehensive studies have been conducted in relation to the investigation of the effect of particular foods on weight gain. Moreover, we have also evaluated the lifestyle decisions and how this influences weight gain.

Obesity is an epidemic, about 62% of adults are overweight, and childhood fatness has tripled in the last 30 years. These results have not been achieved from one day to the other, is the sum of kilos over the years.

Poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and smoking a negative effect on the weight and quality of life. Therefore, this study emphasizes the importance of correctly choosing foods to consume, increase activity daily physical and quit.

If you’re on a diet or want to have a better diet you can replace chips or other foods you can even prepare the fries not so fried.

There are no magic cures, or preparations that allow you to lose weight from one day to the other. Quite the opposite diet involves a firm decision, perseverance and lifestyle changes that allow you to have a better life.

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