Smoothie rich in fiber pursuance

dietSmoothie rich in mucilage, omega 3 and with satiating qualities

The pursuance is low in calories, provides omega 3 is rich in fiber and can be prepared with her a great smoothie like I see in this note. Will you try to stop?

Pursuance Have you ever heard of pursuance? It is a very healthy plant, which in some parts is used as an herb, while in other places directly used as any vegetable. As this will be the use that will be given to this plant, Tortola tolerance known as in this recipe.

Is that pursuance is can be great at any weight loss diet because it is low in calories, provides omega 3 and, especially, we provide a lot of fiber. For this reason, be sure to consider this healthy green smoothie that will help you be very healthy.


Half a cup of pursuance

Half cup of spinach

Half a cup of grated carrot

An apple

A glass of water


First of all, wash the vegetables well integrated this smoothie. Pursuance Place then the spinach, carrot and apple into pieces provided with your skin.

Add water and whisk until mixture is completely integrated with each other. You will obviously with a predominance of green in coloration.

Now you are ready to be drunk. Milkshake As with many leaves and vegetables, sugar may not feel quite right. Yes a little touch of salt and, why not, a little lemon juice.


What gives you this smoothie to your diet?

Rich in omega 3 and antioxidants: Pursuance has a good natural load of omega 3, while not key to weight loss is an extremely important food item for anyone. He is also very rich in antioxidants.

Loaded with fiber: Without any doubt, the burden of fiber having pursuance is one of the largest capital gains having this plant. Its mucilage content. You can go wonders to activate bowel movement, which is essential when it comes to removing toxins and fats.

Highly satisfying: All ingredients of this smoothie are rich in fiber and will also contribute their satisfying qualities. Thus, it may be a good idea to take at breakfast and not have the need to be eating all the time.

Very low in calories, rich in nutrients: Ingredients, all of them are very low in calories and are full of essential micro nutrients such as vitamins, quality fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, minerals and more.

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