Salad of red beans guard your figure

Red beansThe basis of the diet may be a salad of red beans. Diet studies have confirmed the quality of the product, the ability to achieve weight loss. Bean cook different dishes such as salad with beans and cheese. Recipes in this article.

 In order to normalize your weight, do not necessarily engage in hunger strikes and tedious to buy expensive supplements. There are products available that will not only help you lose weight, but also will be useful for health.

A type of legume, widely used in the framework of diet, occupies a special place beans. It is no secret that the bean contains almost all trace elements necessary for the normal functioning of the body. But many diets prohibit its use because of the high carbohydrate content. In the recent past, previously adopted the concept in relation to the diet  properties of beans was revised.

Recent studies have shown that eating beans, low-fat containing protein and complex carbohydrates, can block receptors hunger. Man is rapidly saturated due to the long process of digestion of this product. Conclusions made by scientists allowed to declare beans dietary product and treat it as a base diet.

 In fact, for a person to be lost and never gaining weight, you need to solve the basic problems that have accumulated in his body. These include: lowering blood cholesterol levels; expurgation of toxins; normalization of metabolism, because of the violation of which is an accumulation of fat. When the body can not cope with these features, no complete abstinence from food and forced starvation can not get rid of excess weight, and only add to health problems.

Beans, especially red bean salad, rich in amine acids, vitamins, micro and macro, are capable of cleaving glucose, maintain proper cholesterol levels. Anesthesiologist hormone that is produced by the action of the antioxidant properties of beans accelerates the metabolism in cells and leads to normal metabolic processes. Fiber stimulates the bowel, just putting out a waste substance. Red beans, in addition to the above listed, still has high diuretic. Dishes it is recommended for diseases of the stomach, liver and kidneys.

 To summarize the above properties and beans all sorts of red beans in particular, we note the following advantages of this legume. Bean dishes give energy and vivacious state due to the increased level of hemoglobin in the blood; leads to rapid saturation and the long absence of desire to refresh; leads to normal blood sugar; detoxifies, cleans the intestines; calms the nervous system; contributes to the overall rejuvenation of the body, including the skin and hair.

Expert Opinion

Finally convinced that bean dishes should be included in the meal plan, you can begin to study cookbooks to find a suitable salad with red beans, recipe and method of its preparation. For example, a salad with basil Libido. You will need 300 grams of red beans, you want to ore-soak overnight. In the morning it can be to cook for an hour. Fry onions until golden brown. Advance pinned 100 grams walnuts, half the basil and garlic cloves crushed and is sprayed with wine vinegar. All ingredients are combined with Solzhenitsyn beans, mix, and salad ready to be served.

Lovers of meat dishes can recommend a salad with beans and sausage. You need to cook the beans and add to it chopped cooked sausages and boiled eggs. This salad would be appropriate and a variety of vegetables, such as cucumbers, carrots, onions. For filling, use low-fat sour cream or olive oil. Also prepare a salad with beans and cheese. Cheese is better to choose durum with low fat content.

Despite all the medicinal and nutritional properties of representative legumes, not worth much to lean on beans. Calculated rate this product for an adult, and she is three cups of fruit per week. Nutritionists recommend three times in seven days of cooking soups beans. On other days suit salads. But we must not forget that the red beans – an independent and sufficiently nutritious dish that protein content and can successfully replace meat. 100 grams of the product are not cooked 292 calories, which can saturate without delay whiles the hips.

 Nutritionists offer weekly diet of beans on the menu that you want to paint like this: Breakfast – 100 grams of boiled beans with herbs, dressed with a spoon of olive oil. Following breakfast – 200 grams of berries or any one unsweetened fruit. Lunch – vegetable salad and 100-150 grams of beans. For dinner, you need to cook baked beans with a small amount of boiled meat. Beans are always ore-filled with cold water.

The process of soaking the beans during the night is designated not by chance – so you can minimize the side effects of this product, namely flatulence. Also, raw fruits contain a large amount of toxins, so you can not eat red beans raw; it must necessarily be soaked and cook at least 10 minutes.

Despite this, the mechanism used to start losing weight can be not only the beans, but also that the water in which it is boiled. For the broth boils beans simmer for an hour, then the water is drained. Recommend to take decoction before eating half a cup. The food should consist of protein foods: meat, fish, and cheese. You can drink a glass of water bean with two fruits. Canned beans should not use in diets because the salt is added to canned and other auxiliary substances that may interfere with weight loss.

 If in addition to daily use dishes with red beans and other start to walk more and not enter complex exercise, weight loss process will go much faster. Beans help to lose weight and get healthier.

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