Salad for breakfast

weight loseHave you ever wondered why not incorporate salads into your breakfast? Come on, this is completely possible. And not only possible recommended. Follow the advice in this article’ll find ways to add new foods to form a regular part of your first meal of the day.

Breakfast salad

If you are someone who is always looking for new challenges, then you should drop this proposal. In your diet you can have breakfast salad. How is this? Sure, you just have to include some elements that give you more nutrients, in order to be well loaded with healthy energy from the first hour of the day. Leave to not see some of the ideas you’ll find in this article to enjoy a rich salad into your breakfast!

These are some great tips to make your breakfast salad:

Do not be afraid to seeds and nuts.  If you’re used to eating some dried fruit, a seed or grain, the thing is simple. In your salad you can have some cold rice, quinoa or couscous. Also some almond, toast some sunflower seeds and even some raisins. Of course, all with due moderation.

Never missing a little green.  Cleaned Green leaves your body, get to work your digestion, provide virtually no calories and entertain you from early brooding. You can add argali, kale, lettuce groups, spinach and other items that you crave your morning salad.

Do mix of fruits and vegetables.  Would you need a sweet share your breakfast? Then, missing fruits in your salad. The pear, strawberries, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi or apple go well in salads and many combinations of all kinds. Want a rich and original proposal? Try this great potato salad and strawberries.

If you like cheese and egg, there are always chances.  One egg poached, that does not add calories you already have the egg, or a piece of cheese 0% fat and low in calories can go right in your salad. You can add asparagus, some corn, tomatoes and any other vegetables for a fabulous first meal of the day completely.

Prepare healthy dressings.  If, for example, you like yogurt at breakfast, use it in your salad dressing. Put a couple of tablespoons of plain yogurt 0%, a teaspoon of olive oil, a touch of mustard and lemon juice and you have a perfect condiment for your salads tomorrow.

Serve with juices and teas: Of course, do not be afraid to take a rich natural fruit juice in your breakfast supplement. You can also take any herbal teas or tea you want.

Breakfast salad

Be sure to cheer this great choice of breakfast with a delicious salad! fresh nutrients, raw, healthy and great to help you lose weight since early in the day on your body. Do you need anything more than that?

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