Preparing the canary seed milk for weight loss

weight lossHow canary seed milk is prepared diet

The canary has become one of the great natural options when it comes to losing weight, since their enzymes help burn fat as well as having diuretic and cleansing action. There are several ways to consume, the most classic milk birdseed. Want to learn how to prepare it? Then follows this article.


Do you have spoken very well about the properties of the milk of birdseed for weight loss? While it is not a fact that can be as effective as they say, there are many people who praise the benefits of their enzymes and large amounts of fiber something good in any diet.

But do you know how to prepare the milk of birdseed for weight loss? Much easier than you think. Just have to follow these steps and you will have available, not only to help you in your quest to be online, but to get benefited in general. Be sure to try it!


Two glasses of water

Ten tablespoons of canary seed without silica fiber


Place ten tablespoons of flax seed oil in two glasses of water.

Leave to soak overnight preparation . This process is generally known as activation of the seeds, so that they become enzymatic. It is very common in plant milks.

The next morning, put everything in the blender and process until the preparation minted milk.

Now you will decide whether or not brew and you’re ready to be eaten without problems.

What if I do not get milk free silica birdseed in my region?

If you do not get suitable canary seed for human consumption, you can use the ready-made milks birdseed, on the market.


What properties provide milk birdseed?

It is considered good to stimulate the metabolism and accelerate the digestive process. It is also a diuretic, so it is good to remove retained fluid. It would also help to degrade the fat deposits in the body, due to its content of lipase.

Moreover, an antioxidant, good for diabetes and helps reduce high cholesterol levels. Throughout concept, it has well earned its natural remedy fashioned.

Is it better to take it with or without strain

Undoubtedly, without strain. This is because all its fiber and consume. Anyway, you can choose to strain through a fine sieve, a bag to prepare vegetable milk or prepare tea birdseed, if you are bothered by the rougher texture.

Represent any danger

Be careful to purchase birdseed for human consumption, which is free of silica fiber. Such is the main recommendation, as the canary birds used to not be suitable for people, although many consume even though it is not indicated time.

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