Pilates Exercises for Beginners: home complex

loss weightGirl’s gymnastics is very useful. Pilates for beginners, you can perform home. What Pilate’s exercises for beginners are most useful to tell this article?

 Pilate’s exercises for beginners are a system of physical activities that help connect the body and mind. During class person forms proper breathing while straining muscles needed in the body

 Complex Pilate’s exercises for beginners can be engaged in physical activity for people who had to stretch had no relationship. And it will not do them any harm. This kind of useful exercises. Pilates for Beginners will discover new strengths, strengthen press, improve coordination, will make a person stress-and get rid of bad thoughts. Exercise of the sport safe for all ages. And Pilate’s overall health can strengthen running. For example, exercise on a treadmill improves the effect of gymnastics.

 Many do not understand what changes result in such training. With these exercises a person learns to control the body and at the right time to activate the proper muscles and organs. Such exercises relieve stress, relax the body and spirit, proper breathing is regulated, it is necessary for the health of the lungs. Posture gets straight and taut, and this improves the functioning of all organs and body. Develop important qualities: endurance, alertness, flexibility, strength. In general, people will get full control over their own bodies. Therefore, we can easily say that Pilates starter home is perfect for a ghost in a harmonious state of consciousness.

 Many do not understand what benefit can give lessons pitiless. In order to see the result, you need to know and take advantage of these physical activities. A lot of them: people at the right time to learn how to activate the proper muscles completely relax your body and spirit. Improve the accuracy of breath that is necessary for the health of the lungs. Posture will be straight and elongated, which makes the internal organs better. The entire body will be in perfect harmony, the person will develop a important qualities: strength, agility, endurance, flexibility. Overall Pilates allows a person to fully control your own body.

 But Pilates – it’s not just exercise. He, too, has its own laws and principles: need only engage in loose clothing that will not encircle and constrain movement. During training shoes and socks are removed carefully, before and after class for an hour you can not take any food. Before you begin any exercise by the complex, it is necessary to conduct a workout. And all exercises are performed strictly in the exposed order.

 Expert Opinion

Warming up is important in Pilates to preheat the muscles that would be during the workout they stretched and damage. To start you need a good stretch the spine. To do this, lie on your back and pull up to her bent knees. All the body when it should be on their toes, and the person feels as each vertebra stretched. Later in the same position hands are stretched out to the side at shoulder level, press tenses knees slowly sink to the floor, first one side, then the other. It kneads side abdominal muscles. And in the end, still tense press, straighten your knees on a slow exhale. All three of these exercises knees are close together, the back should be relaxed, tense press only. Due to him, and all the traffic.

And only after that you can begin to set workout for beginners. Pilates is the first time should not hog muscle; you need to cook them gradually.

The first exercise boat. You need to sit on the floor and legs behind the knees clasp. Then slowly lift your legs parallel to the floor, and in a position to stand still for 30 seconds. On the exhale, return to starting position.

Exercise can allows you to remove the ears on the sides. Need to lie on your back, holding on his forearms. Legs together, bent at the knees. And in a position to move the pelvis and legs bent to the side. Do everything necessary to slowly inhale-exhale. Approaches to do until it starts to stray breath.

Posture Slats trains endurance and strength. Need to lie on your stomach, lean on forearms and head up. Straight with feet together. Then slowly begin to lift the body parallel to the floor, without opening your legs. In this position, stand still for 30 seconds, and then slowly descend. Eyes should look forward.

Maxi foot stretch glutenous, shaking them. In the above posture bar to be performed kick their feet back and forth. For the novice to engage pitiless fit 10 times on one leg for 3 sets. Break between sets – 2 minutes.

 As has become clear, more Pilate’s exercises aimed not at increasing muscle mass, and body flexibility. Therefore, these classes are more suited to girls. The body becomes taut and toned.

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