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lose weightThere are many organic substances, through various scientific research has shown to be very useful to help you lose weight. One of these organic compounds is insulin, a fiber with periodic properties and satisfying. Do not miss this note, you know more about it.


Obesity along with being overweight has become a serious public health problem because of the health complications that cause this long term. If both conditions are maintained over time, the quality of life can deteriorate causing serious disease, level death.

It is therefore very important to find various natural and healthy alternatives as tools to monitor the progress of these diseases. One of these expected options is the expenditure of insulin, a variety of fiber that provides the body with periodic properties and satisfying.First, I think it’s important to know what insulin is.

What is insulin?

Insulin is a group of polysaccharides which when ingested fructose released during digestion, promoting intestinal microbiology. This compound is considered a non-digestible periodic.

How can you help the consumer lose weight insulin and improve quality of life?Decreases appetite. Insulin, being a fiber stays longer in the stomach, causing satiety and reducing hunger.

Acts on lipid metabolism. If within a power add insulin rich foods are produced, a reduction in the formation of lipids in the liver, adipose tissue preventing formation.

Reduces absorption of fats in the food you eat. Insulin being a drag indigestible fiber fatty acids and sugars in the diet foods, removing it via the gut. This process prevents both macronutrients to the blood and accumulates in blood and adipose tissue by different mechanisms.

Prevents glucose turns into fat. Fiber, due to the fermentation occurring in the micro flora of the colon, helps to reduce the absorption of glucose. Therefore, glucose is prevented from becoming fatty acids in the liver. Moreover, this natural process controls blood glucose levels.

Reduces blood fat levels. If the passage of blood fats to reduce the accumulation of low blood thereof, thus calculating both cholesterol and triglycerides.dyslipidemia are obesity-associated diseases, and that can often complicate the quality of life.

Besides these organic benefits, insulin natural product is a periodic that stimulates the intestinal flora and the growth of healthy bacteria such as bifid bacteria. This mechanism stimulates the immune system defenses.

There are many benefits that insulin has on your body and, within a weight loss diet can help you lose weight and have a better quality of life.


How to include insulin diet?

Naturally found in some plant foods and medicinal plants such as chicory and leek or leek, among others.  Added insulin in, especially dairy products milk and cheese.

The best way to lose weight, keep weight and prevent complications of obesity is to know the properties and the harmful effects of food. Thus yourself can get ready your diet and transform faulty eating habits with proper and healthy habits.

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