How to make perfect figure in three days

weight lossEach of the women, for sure, for once in your life wonders how to make the perfect figure for the month. Present article will tell you how to choose the right exercises for a slim figure.

Month – a short period of time, and make the perfect shape with a large amount of excess heaviness is difficult. But that does not mean it does not even try, just need to adhere to certain rules.

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Eat less sugar and calories reduce

dietSuggestions to eliminate empty calories

Sugar, especially white sugar, is considered a food that provides only empty calories. Therefore, if you want to reduce your calorie consumption and it brings, be sure to meet 5 Ways to achieve or suggestions.


If your intention is to lose weight, it is important to know how to consume less sugar and reduce calories to your daily diet. While it may be easy to say, so may be more complicated, so keep in mind some tips that will help you eliminate empty calories. 5 ways to eat less sugar and calories reduce

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Diet slimming belly and sides

slimming belly Slimming diet sides and belly woman can get rid of extra inches, sticking to one of the sexiest parts of the female body. The vast majority of women have a dream to become the owner of a flat belly and waist with a minimum of centimeters. And women are willing to go to all sorts of restrictions, but not all diets have an effective action primarily on these areas of the body. But the presence of fat in the abdomen and sides is a very serious contender who deserves struggle, sparing no effort.

Diet menu for weight loss belly and sides

The main products of this diet include berries, nuts, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, seeds, legumes, whole grains, poultry, seafood, olive and peanut oil.

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Can be harmful soy lecithin health

weight loseSoy lecithin is considered a supplement, it is important to know not only its benefits but also its side effects and whether or not can be harmful to health. This way, you can take all their virtues and prevent possible adverse effects.

Lecithin is an essential fat to cells, and can be obtained through the consumption of certain foods such as soy.

While it is an organic compound, today it is considered a dietary supplement that can help treat various conditions, such as losing weight through hepatic clearance.

While soy lecithin has different properties and benefits, you can also have side effects.

Does soy lecithin have side effects?

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Therapeutic diet for pancreatitis

dietPancreatic is a very disagreeable disease, which has a very strong pain. When the disease is pancreatic damage, one of the most significant organs of the human body. Pancreatic enzymes aid in the digestion is carried out in the intestine of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. A pancreatic hormone is keeping pace by blood glucose levels.

Cause of pancreatic can serve as infection, obstruction of the gallbladder or duct of the gland, poisoning, trauma, helminthiasis, allergies and frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages in large quantities for a long time.

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How to lose weight with Bulgarian diet?

lose weight dietBulgarian diet is a way for the removal of harmful toxins from the body, which was proposed by Peter Dimkovym – Bulgarian healer. Bulgarian diet is a meal plan that resembles fasting days. How to lose weight with the Bulgarian diet?

Duration Bulgarian diet

Bulgarian diet lasts 4 days, the main ones being 3 days. Within 3 days must be powered by the same dish consisting of fresh grated carrots, a small amount of lemon juice and honey.

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