Recipes of cellulite

celluliteCellulite – a problem many essentially poisons life. Bulk of funds for home use and salon treatments promise a quick and complete deliverance from it, however, as practice shows, not all recipes cellulite give the expected effect and really eliminate this condition. The more valuable tips and recipes, not really tested by one person, and having a positive feedback.

 Honey of cellulite

Enumerate all the beneficial properties of honey is probably not necessary: most people are well aware of them and successfully used.

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Pilates Exercises for Beginners: home complex

loss weightGirl’s gymnastics is very useful. Pilates for beginners, you can perform home. What Pilate’s exercises for beginners are most useful to tell this article?

 Pilate’s exercises for beginners are a system of physical activities that help connect the body and mind. During class person forms proper breathing while straining muscles needed in the body

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Pineapple Chicken with a light meal

lose weightProtein and fiber combined with natural diuretics

If you want to prepare a meal that is light and also its ingredients help you burn fat, you can not miss this chicken recipe with pineapple.


By changing the station, is very important to change the power. Therefore it is necessary to look for lighter meals, including foods that help, in a diet to lose weight. To do this, what better to combine foods that are light, fat burners and seasonal, such as a meat like chicken and fruit like pineapple.

Chicken is a, white meat appropriate to include in a diet. Anyway, it is advisable to choose breast and remove the skin, as it is the part of the chicken with less fat. 

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Want to win a personalized diet

lose weightWin a diet made for you and monitored by a nutritionist exclusively for you

You no longer know what to do to lose those extra kilos? Losing Weight in a you can earn 15 days personalized diet, made for you and monitored by our nutritionist. There are already several people who have won a contest and slimming hand APP. Want to be next? So do not miss this opportunity!


Summer is just starting days and everyone wants to be completely ready to look your best figure. And you. How are you? Do you feel you achieved yet the way you intended? Then be sure to enter this contest, in which you can earn no less than 15 days personalized diet, made for you and thinking about what you need, guided by a nutritionist and follow up throughout the process. Just what you need to start being like you wanted!

What do you win in this contest?

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Complications from the extra kilos

weight loseThe legs and inferior body are all large harmed because of overweight, as these support the extra kilos you have, and can cause you major complications both joints, such as muscle and even circulation.

The legs are divided into three fractions: Hip, leg and foot. Each of these segments is made up of bones, muscles, arteries and veins.

In turn each of these bones is attached through various joints and tendons. If you suffer from overweight or obese each and every one of these segments is impaired and may lead to considerable health complications.

Complications from the extra kilos

Circulatory complications: such complications occur when a clot or some plaque prevents normal blood circulation. When you’re overweight, you can also suffer from other complications such as epidemically and / or diabetes, which this situation can be further complicated. This blockage can affect both arteries and the veins.

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Salad of red beans guard your figure

Red beansThe basis of the diet may be a salad of red beans. Diet studies have confirmed the quality of the product, the ability to achieve weight loss. Bean cook different dishes such as salad with beans and cheese. Recipes in this article.

 In order to normalize your weight, do not necessarily engage in hunger strikes and tedious to buy expensive supplements. There are products available that will not only help you lose weight, but also will be useful for health.

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Diet on sauerkraut and yogurt: how to lose weight?

yogurtArticle is for those who want to know more information about how to lose weight on cabbage and yogurt. Properties of sauerkraut and yogurt for dieters. What features of the diet of cabbage and yogurt?

 One of the most popular diets for speedy disposal of excess weight is a cabbage-firer diet, which is very much helped to gain a slim figure. At first glance, there is nothing unusual in this diet is not.

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Low Calorie Pasta

lose weightLight pasta recipes for diets

One of the myths, celebrity is that, while you are on diet, you can not eat pasta, which is not. Paste the calories low is that you eat in small portions, accompanied with a low-fat sauce. With the different options for light pasta recipes diets, you can enjoy them.

Low Calorie Pasta

Light pasta recipe

Spaghetti Capers


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Control the urge to eat

lose weightThe anxiety, which often manifests itself through the urge to eat, is a state of hyper arousal nervous, we canister all undergo. However, there are tricks to control the urge to eat, with alternative treatments that can help.

Spot Anxiety

What we express our anxiety? One of the classic examples is the food. Who has not eaten sweets ad nausea, when you have felt anxious, either a problem, or just because seers. The urge to eat, Apnea us all.

There are tricks to control anxiety with alternative treatments:

The Food:

Food Not Advised

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Lemonade light carrot and cucumber

lose weightRefreshing and low calorie drink

With the arrival of summer heat, it is important to have on hand drink recipes that are light and refreshing but low in calories. If you want to savor tasty lemonade, do not miss this recipe for carrot and cucumber lemonade.

If you want to diet you need to know different foods that you can combine to provide fewer calories and will also provide other benefits for losing weight.

With these foods you can prepare meals and drinks, whether smoothies, juices, cocktails or soft drinks.On this occasion, in this article you will find a low calorie recipe like the lemonade light carrot and cucumber.

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