Origin of the feeling of hunger

lose weightObesity is a complex disease that affects both the physical and the psychological and emotional. Therefore, to understand this disease is important to begin to answer certain questions, such as why you eat.

Every day eat several times almost without realizing it. It’s easy to start thinking why how. Therefore, it is interesting to take five minutes to reflect on this issue and know why you perform this act.

Besides knowing that there are different types of hunger, it is also important to know what you eat. Knowing this information can you help begin to understand why you are overweight and how to start losing weight?

What is the reason why you eat?

Undoubtedly, you eat in order to respond to biological, psychological and pleasurable demands.To meet biological needs. Through food and meals you get the calories and essential nutrients to live.

To cover psychological aspects. The food is usually used to distract from emotional problems or deficiencies. A clear example of this is the usual eating to reduce anxiety or cover gaps related to lack of care or protection.

To meet needs for pleasure. The food has a rewarding and emotional charge. Eating certain foods triggers a series of chemical reactions that give pleasure.

By taking into account the reasons why you eat, it’s easy to understand why many people are overweight. Among the most common causes that relate food with excess weight, there are the cover psychological needs and the pursuit of pleasure.

If you feel depressed, anxious, or are much stressed, anxiety may ensue for food, as this causes pleasure and reduces feelings of anxiety.

While it appears to be positive, it is not, because a vicious cycle where you feel anxiety and eat too much of foods high in calories, sugars and fats. This fault cause compulsive act that creates more anxiety and eat more. The end of the road you encounter some kilos more or with any degree of obesity, in addition to complications of this disease.

Now that you know why you eat, you can understand a little more that leads to overeating. Identifying the problem is easier to achieve an effective treatment.

If you can not feel the urge for food, uses your doctor so that they can jointly find the best solution for you.

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