Natural diuretic and digestive

weight loseOne of the habits associated with overweight is to eat fast. This habit results in poor digestion, and if you add to this that you have fluid retention, your abdomen can increase volume even you’re on a diet. Therefore, we propose a tea based celery and anise to eliminate retained fluids and gases.

Sometimes it happens that even if you do diet and this is reflected in the balance, you can move onto tummy, which can frustrate even be a reason for abandoning the diet. Among the factors that can influence this situation is poor digestion, which can cause excessive gas.

To reverse this situation, improve digestion and have a flat tummy, I invite you to know the recipe for celery and anise infusion.

Recipe celery and anise infusion


1 teaspoon anise seeds common.

4 leaves of celery.

4 cups hot water.


Put the kettle on, when this happens placed ground anise seed and chopped celery leaves.Let stand for 20 minutes, strain and ready to drink.

How to drink this tea against gases and liquids retained?

Drink a cup in the morning and the other two after meals.Anise and celery complement their properties according to help deflate and flatten your belly.

Anise contains active ingredients that improve digestive processes, avoiding the accumulation of gases. These gases can result from aerophobia and training of flatus or gases. Moreover, the plant has properties to prevent gastritis and reduce heartburn.

Celery, besides being a natural diuretic, is a plant that prevents spasms and cramps, as well as intestinal inflammation.

If your weight problem is linked to swelling and abdominal bloating, consider this natural remedy. Do not forget to eat slowly and chew your food well is a necessary for good digestion previous step.

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