Metabolic surgery

weight loseIntervention eliminating diabetes and more kilos

Metabolic surgery is a surgical alternative for the treatment of obesity and non-insulin dependent diabetes can not be treated with diet and exercise. Therefore, if you need to lose many kilos over and control your blood sugar, do not miss to know what metabolic surgery.

Gastric bypass

Barbaric surgery, gastric sleeve, the oblong and the end barrier are different alternatives for weight loss surgeries. Each and every one of them is special and distinct features.

Though all help reduce complications of obesity, metabolic surgery is ideal for controlling and reversing insulin dependent diabetes.

What is metabolic surgery

Metabolic surgery is surgery indicated that patients with severe obesity, also suffering from type II diabetes or non-insulin dependent diabetes. These people must have a history of diabetes can not be controlled with medical and nutritional treatment.

What is metabolic surgery

This surgery involves making a gastric bypass endosmotically, which is to change the anatomy of the digestive system, creating a smaller stomach. By reducing the size of the stomach, restricting food intake. Furthermore, this type of operation skips the first portions of the intestine, portion where the greatest amount of ingested fats are absorbed.

Among the benefits of surgery metabolic reverse can be mentioned diabetes. There are even scientific studies that support these findings. Likewise, other risk factors such as hypertension and dyslipidemia are reduced.

Who can this intervention are performed

Those people aged 18 to 65 who suffer from obesity and non-insulin dependent diabetes.

Gastric bypass

There are different variants of surgeries for weight loss and they all generate concerns, but metabolic surgery is designed for those obese also suffer from diabetes.

Remember to check with your doctor with any question or concerns, and that it is a weight loss surgery interdisciplinary work is essential to achieve maximum benefits and that these can be maintained over time.

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