Low Calorie Pasta

lose weightLight pasta recipes for diets

One of the myths, celebrity is that, while you are on diet, you can not eat pasta, which is not. Paste the calories low is that you eat in small portions, accompanied with a low-fat sauce. With the different options for light pasta recipes diets, you can enjoy them.

Low Calorie Pasta

Light pasta recipe

Spaghetti Capers


400 gars. Spaghetti.

10 plum tomatoes.

Fresh basil leaves.

2 cloves of minced garlic.

4 tbsp. olive oil.

80 gars. Grated light cheese.

Girl 1 cup vegetable broth defalcated.

Oregano, salt and pepper.


Put water in a pan, a little oil and salt, and boil expected to put the spaghetti to cook.Once cooked, strain them.Furthermore, dice tomatoes cut, graze out all seeds, as they are producing acidity.Wash the basil leaves and dry them.Saute with modest olive oil tomatoes, just a few minutes.Add the chopped garlic and vegetable broth defalcated.Stir and carry on cooking for 5 minutes.Once cooked, add the spaghetti, complete cooking for 4 minutes.Serve the spaghetti in a bowl, add the fresh basil leaves, grated cheese and oregano.

Low calorie recipe dough

Oriental Spaghetti


300 grs. Spaghetti.

200 cm ³ defalcated vegetable broth.

2 onions chopped scallions.

1 red bell pepper.

1aji green bell.

2 carrots.

10 mushrooms.

2 tbsp. olive oil.

Basil leaves.

1 tsp nutmeg.

Salt and pepper.


Cook the spaghetti all dent and set aside.Put the vegetable stock in a saucepan and when it starts boiling, add the bell peppers, carrots and zucchini cut into thin strips.Finally append the mushroom and green onions.Cook for a few minutes.Spices to flavor and incorporate the basil leaves, and nutmeg.Cook for 5 more minutes and add the spaghetti.Serve in individual portions.

Recipe for pasta diets

Spaghetti with pink sauce


400 grs. spaghetti.

 Milk 300 cm ³.

4 shallots.

Heaping 1 tbsp cornstarch.

3 tbsp tomato puree.

100 grs. Of low-fat cheese spread.

3 tbsp chopped onion scallion.

Salt and pepper.


Boil noodles in salted water, until all dent.

Drain the noodles and set aside.

Dissolve cornstarch in a minute cold milk, then pour in the milk that you have the fire in a pan, add anecdotes and scallions.

Mix and carries heat to boiling, stirring constantly.Boil for a few minutes tomato puree.Continuing your cooking is sure to stir so that the sauce does not stick.Remove from heat.Season with salt and pepper to taste.Make the fat spread able cheese and mix.Dump the spaghetti in a bowl, add the cocktail sauce and if you like, a few basil leaves.

If you are dieting, do not forget that you have many options to eat low calorie paste and enjoy a light pasta recipe for diet.

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