How to Profit from nuts in the diet

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There is some folklore about nuts and dietary using up. Sometimes it is thought that almonds, walnuts and others can not be extreme by its high caloric value, but it is not. Its nutritional value is so central that you can take advantage of it to help you lose weight.


Lately, nuts have taken notoriety thanks to its nutritional and therapeutic properties. So if you want to add to your diet you may wonder if fat or several calories contribute.

Well, not only these issues should matter to you when it comes to losing weight, also  keep in mind other aspects  for the weight you lose will not affect your health,  such as your nutrient intake.

If you want to take advantage of nuts in the diet, do not miss to know how much to eat and how.

How many nuts can eat per day?

The suggested serving per day is a handful of almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, unsalted peanuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, etc.

How to take advantage of nuts in the diet?

Ground. Nuts are rich in fiber, which if you are not used to consuming fiber is important that you grind nuts. Thus nut structure is broken, making it easier to digest and avoid possible swelling and gassing. To grind you can use a mortar or food processor. Zoomed once ground, add to yogurt, milk, smoothies, salads, soups or mixed with breadcrumbs or oat bran for breading meats or vegetables.

Whole. If you’re used to eating fiber, you can eat them whole as a snack. Great to eat between meals, and foods that are satisfying, and they are tasty depurates. Remember not to exceed the daily portion. You can also include whole in sweet or savory preparations such as salads, puddings, sauces, soups, pastas, with fruit salads or light cream.


Here are some ways you can use to include nuts in your diet, you have to take into account not exceed the portion of a daily handful. Thus, have controlled the amount of calories you consume but adding many nutritional and therapeutic benefits that may even help prevent cardiovascular disease and other complications of obesity.

Nuts provide fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals very beneficial to health. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to reap the nutritional benefits of nuts in the diet to lose weight!

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