How to prepare a mango frozen low calorie

dietA fresh and healthy combination for the year

Want to eat something very rich, fruity and does not alter your diet at all? So a good frozen mango, low in calories is exactly what you need. Above, it is very easy to do, its pure fruit and is enjoyed as a dessert. Feel like preparing?

Mango frozen

When I have wanted to eat something that is rather rich, it’s healthy, that brings me interesting things to the body and not sue me a lot of work, usually choose this recipe. It is extremely easy to make at home and, if it were the freezing process involved, you take a few minutes.

This is a delicious frozen mango, something like an ice cream shake .wherein this delicious fruit is complemented by a number of other ingredients that accentuate its flavor and will also give you more properties. The most interesting thing is that it is only fruit. However it’s not the equivalent as eating fruit: it is much closer to eating a rich and refreshing ice cream. For a summer evening, although foul, you have no idea how good it is.


A handle large and somewhat mature

The juice of a lime or lemon

A good sprig of mint

A piece of grated ginger

A little stevia to sweeten


It all starts in the freezer or freezer: standing there all the mango flesh cut into cubes and leave until it is completely frozen.Put it inside the bowl of the mixer or grinder kitchen where you will add the lime juice, mint and ginger.Bate preparation until you stick with ice cream consistency, creamy neither.Sweeten with stevia and enjoy immediately. ‘s a simple recipe and adds virtually no calories to the fact eating a mango.

Mango frozen

What brings you to my diet this recipe?

The handle is low in calories, rich in chorine and lute in, in addition to fiber and be diuretic. An interesting option to help lose weight. And so healthy lime juice, which has such good properties as lemon; Mint, which is a great digestive and ginger, considered fat burning and always good to help the stomach. Overall, this is a very healthy recipe. And rich, that’s equally important.

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