How to make perfect figure in three days

weight lossEach of the women, for sure, for once in your life wonders how to make the perfect figure for the month. Present article will tell you how to choose the right exercises for a slim figure.

Month – a short period of time, and make the perfect shape with a large amount of excess heaviness is difficult. But that does not mean it does not even try, just need to adhere to certain rules.

Often you can hear the girls ask the question, how to make perfect figure for the month. Minimum results can be achieved only with a lot of patience and perseverance, and following the advice of well-known trainers and nutritionists. First, and most importantly, the experts advise – you need to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition. In any case it is not necessary to sit on the strict diet and sharply limit the amount of food consumed; you need only ensure that everything that enters the body, it was useful and not harmful. It is recommended to eat every 3-4 hours in small portions, enough to stave off hunger, do not load up constantly, like the last time. Furthermore, it is important to pay attention to the calorie foods. Right will give preference to less calorie meals. The diet certainly not less than once a week, must be present: fish (it contains a lot of nutrients); lean meat (egg, chicken, red), and garnish to it must be vegetables; all kinds of cereals and dairy products. Particular attention should be paid to breakfast. Everybody knows that nothing is better for weight loss, as tight a healthy breakfast. Optimal amount of calories eaten in the morning – no more than 350. From boiling and sweet possibly be worth.

Answering the question of how to pull figure for the month, all known coaches strongly recommend not to neglect sports. The best option will be training in the gym with an experienced coach, he will be able to calculate the training (namely duration, exercise, approaches, and more) for each individual based on its physiological characteristics.

Physical activity has a very important role in creating the perfect figure. If for any reason to attend the hall is not available, you can do some exercise and at home. For example, currently very popular home fitness. In order to start them to do, you just have to choose the appropriate program on the Internet for video, and then only need to watch and repeat traffic. These videos are aimed at “tightening” of the pattern and getting rid of excess weight.

In addition, many coaches are advised to make their own exercises to slim figure. The most popular, effective and simple of them are considered as follows:

Expert estimation

Abdominal exercises. Lying on your back, alternately raise torso and legs, do not forget to follow to ensure that they were straight. Waist will be useful to make a smooth side bends, twists pelvis alternately in one direction and then in another direction and circular rotation.

Pushups or wall is very useful for the breast. At constant performing their breasts become firm and taut.

For thighs and buttocks fit: abduction legs turn back from standing or kneeling, with an emphasis on hands, hips circular motion. Another interesting exercise is to lean on the heels of his hands on his knees – thighs and torso should form a single line – it needs to bend. Requires upper body arching back as far as possible, then back to the starting position.

Each of these exercises is worth repeating at least 10 times, doing 2-3 sets – they will help get rid of extra inches and will keep the body toned.

Ideal figure for the month it is possible to achieve the main thing that is required – to eat properly and regularly engage in sports, discarding laziness. Indeed, in most cases, it does not allow the body to be in good shape.

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