How to deal with visceral fat

Extra fatVisceral fat body needs in small amounts, but an excess is dangerous because it leads to obesity and a number of internal organs ailments. In fact, how to deal with visceral fat, it is necessary to rely on the advice of professionals.

No representative of the human race is not able to live without the fat. Lipid cells are required as a reserve of energy, as a kind of heat shielding layer. Without them, a number of vital processes in the body stop.

However, in the body are present different kinds of fat, which is predominantly important for those who are looking to get rid of excess weight. In this case, the easiest to remove will subcutaneous lipid layer. It is not considered hazardous. That he has had chubby babies and growing at their expectant mothers during gestation their crumbs. He also gives the body a pleasant roundness in the right places. And deport it is usually not predominantly difficult

An entirely different matter – the so-called visceral fat. Rule provides only a small amount of it in the body. It is believed that the average people of different gender and age must be present not more than ten to seventeen percent of lipid cells as a whole. Visceral need in a small volume, that encircle the internal organs, serving for them a kind of cushion that mitigate the burden of the individual movements for example, jumping from a height, etc, and has saved from possible mechanical damage. In the hungry days of such cells become a source of necessary calories to sustain life.

Meanwhile, if instinctive fat is present in excess, like obesity usually leads to major organs, and consequently – the deterioration of their functional abilities and hence the resultant constant health problems. First of all, we will focus on diabetes because the fabric obese bodies begin to feel worse effects of insulin, cardiovascular ailments primarily – thrombosis hormonal failure and even cancer risk of certain diseases.

Ladies who are of childbearing age, this kind of ailment usually do not threaten. Protect them from excess visceral fat is actively acting hormones. However, if their balance is disturbed or woman has gone through menopause, the chances of finding the dangerous lipid cells she will be approximately equal to the representatives of the stronger sex.

Prevent negative developments is quite simple – monitor their own diet. A balanced diet, calories which will not exceed the required values, excess visceral fat will be nowhere. Should not, in particular, abuse polyunsaturated fatty acid omega-6 and Trans fats primarily – all sorts of spreads and margarine because they mainly contribute to the accumulation and so unnecessary lipid substance.

But what if the problem is there already? What steps to take then no other way but to fight visceral fat. It should rely solely on the advice of professionals, in the first place – doctors, especially if there is such a huge excess of lipid cells. It is in such situations, attempts to cope with such a fat sometimes lead to very negative consequences for health.

Expert Opinion

This happens because visceral fat in addition to its other functions provides further storage and toxins entering the body. If people lose weight noticeably, in this case will be split and visceral lipid cells, thereby releasing their toxic contents of the body. Specialists in the medical field in the case of large accumulations of such a layer to get rid recommend no more than a pair of pounds a month, and only under medical supervision and on the basis of specific recommendations. What they will brow to deal with visceral fat.

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