How effective water for weight loss reviews lost weight

SlimMany people do not know what to drink water for weight loss and whether this method helps to overcome those extra pounds. This article tells all about losing weight with the help of water.

The role of water in human existence is impossible to appreciate a variety of reasons. Water creates an environment for the existence and course of many reactions. And man is composed of 80% water.

It is known that water is a key participant in the metabolism. Water fills the interstellar space, is part of every cell, etc. So the question arises: “How much water should you drink  .And most people are concerned about the issue regarding weight loss. But here there is a lot of controversy. Write in googly search: Water for weight loss reviews and you’ll be surprised diversity of opinions.

The most simple formula to calculate the necessary amount of water is the formula: it is necessary to multiply the weight of 1 kg to 40 ml of water. Let’s say a person weighs 80 kg. Accordingly, the daily intake of water will be a little more than 3 liters. The word  water should be understood not only clean fluid intake, but the water content in food. When a person uses a normal diet about 1 liter of water per day. Therefore, for a person weighing 80 kg should drink about 2 liters of clean clear water a day.

As for weight loss, here There is 2 opinions. Some experts say that excessive drinking of water helps wash toxins that lead to the beginning of the fat cells. Other experts argue that it is necessary to use as little as possible of water, since higher water content in the human body increases the pressure that affects the cardiovascular system. But is all the experts are unanimous in their opinion that the water should be at room temperature. Need to use water in small sips, 30 minutes before meals. Also, it is recommended to use water and after a meal, an hour later.

Sometimes there is a small sense of hunger. However, enough to drink a few sips of water and famine retreats. This is due to the fact that hunger and thirst centers located in the human brain, are close by. And sometimes there is a delusion.

 People who are going to lose weight, you must accompany your diet with water. The fact that the water has no energy value. But the absorption of water, the body spends a certain amount of calories. Accordingly, the person will lose weight and not feel hunger and thirst.

As mentioned earlier, you need to drink water half an hour before meals. Drinking water in the stomach creates a sort of “volume effect”. Therefore satiety need less food. For example, most fruits and vegetables contain a large amount of water, and therefore they are low-calorie and occupy space in the stomach much. During the diet is best excluded from the diet all foods with a low water content.

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