High intensity artificial sweetener

lose weightMost recently the Food and Drug Administration or FDA has announced the existence of a new sweetener called Advantage. This is the 6th. High density artificial sweetener available for human consumption.

At 5 existing artificial sweeteners adds the Advantage. This is considered a safe artificial sweetener for human consumption and has certain important features.

Features Advantage

Sweeter. One gram of Advantage is 20,000 times sweeter than a gram of table sugar.

It is water soluble. This sweetener is white crystalline and easily dissolved in water.

No decomposition heat. This feature makes it a special sweetener for cooking because it does not decompose producing substances that can be harmful to health. Therefore is considered a safe sweetener.

Part of a wide variety of products. Not only is used to sweeten, but can also take part in industrial products such as drinks, candies, jams, chewing gum, candy, gelatins, puddings, etc..

Consumption Level Security Journal: 32.8 mg / kg of body weight. This is equivalent to 40,000 packets of the sweetener. Was virtually impossible to find a toxic dose. Moreover, no evidence of carcinogenicity, reproductive toxicity otherwise developmental toxicity was found.

It does not raise blood glucose levels. It is proved that the Advantage is safe for diabetics because it does not increase blood glucose.

As you can read, this new artificial sweetener emerges as new alternative as a replacement for table sugar, so it can consume so if you need to lose weight, or want to control your diabetes or other diseases associated with simple sugars such as hyperglycemia.

It is important that you consider that the Advantage is contraindicated for people suffering from phenylketonuria; because it contains phenylalanine.

The market offers a wide variety of artificial and natural sweeteners, choose one that you feel better and better suits your need.

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