Food with empty calories

weight loseThere are many foods that have empty calories and one of them is white bread. If you want to know why this is not recommended for a diet food, do not miss this item.

White bread is the staple of any power in the world, but if you want to lose weight is recommended that you take them out of the diet. I invite you to know the reason.

Why white bread diet is considered a forbidden food?

While the bread is made from wheat grains, white bread retains only a quarter of the vitamins and minerals in their original state. Most of these micro nutrients are found in the lining of the grain, which is lost in developing refined or white flour.

White flour contains only 0. 50g. minerals per 100 g, while wheat flour contains 1.80 gr. by the same amount.  Refined flour in there 4 times less magnesium and B vitamins.

Although the calorific value of white bread is similar to the caloric value of whole wheat bread, the different micro nutrients, making the white bread in a food empty calories.

There is even research that has studied the relationship between obesity and consumption of white bread. These studies have found that the body regulates appetite in terms of meeting the micro nutrient needs. This means that if you suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiency is likely to consume more food in order to get them.

Obviously, if you eat foods rich in these nutrients, your body will send more signals increasing hunger, becoming a vicious circle. Comes more for you to obtain nutrients that are not contained in white bread, kneaded cakes, goodies, etc, which causes you hungrier.

Therefore, white bread like other foods with empty calories is not recommended in a diet to lose weight.

This process is a clear example that not only care about the calories that provide food, but the quality of nutrients it has. Is not given too much importance to micro nutrients, but its deficiency can cause more hunger, which if uncovered can attract overweight.

In conclusion, if you can not do without bread, replace white bread with whole grain bread and / or bread with seeds. Their caloric intake will be similar, but their nutritional content is very different and its vitamins and minerals can help you lose weight. Moreover, these micro nutrients will help to treat complications of the overweight.

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