Diet on sauerkraut and yogurt: how to lose weight?

yogurtArticle is for those who want to know more information about how to lose weight on cabbage and yogurt. Properties of sauerkraut and yogurt for dieters. What features of the diet of cabbage and yogurt?

 One of the most popular diets for speedy disposal of excess weight is a cabbage-firer diet, which is very much helped to gain a slim figure. At first glance, there is nothing unusual in this diet is not.

However, two of its main ingredients – yogurt and sauerkraut – can run in the body to process rapid weight loss that has a property with proper nutrition, and will continue after the end of such a diet. Firer is considered one of the most useful drinks of all dairy products. Quite often it is used in folk medicine as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent. He calming effect on the autonomic-vascular and nervous system of the human body, helps improve intestinal activity, enriches the body with essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and beneficial bacteria that actively promotes skin rejuvenation, improves.

 Dietitians have shown that the benefits of sauerkraut come much more than from fresh. Sauerkraut contains microorganisms that are beneficial to the intestinal micro flora; they are able to release during fermentation lactic acid. These are the good bacteria and maintain the majority of vitamins and useful properties of this vegetable that has a positive impact on the recovery and purification of the body. Sauerkraut is rich in iodine, which is vital for the improvement of metabolic processes in humans and vitamin B – normalizes sleep and strengthens the nervous system. In the finished salad made of sauerkraut, is present in approximately 19 calories per 100 grams, which once again confirms this low calorie product that allows some fat people do not think about how to lose weight on a cabbage. Not all, perhaps, know that fungal bacteria contained in yogurt, to accelerate the process of metabolism, thereby not allowing the fat to be deposited. A large enough dose of calcium helps to accelerate the process of losing weight. Milk fat, which is part of yogurt digest the full 100%. A simultaneous consumption of these products significantly reduce not only the planned timing of the case, but also reduce the amount eaten separately, which will also have a positive effect on body slimming.

 With a minimum amount of food eaten, the feeling of fullness will stay for long, because cabbage contains fiber, which can easily saturate the human body. Daily intake of cabbage greatly simplifies the fight against cellulite and all because it has no fat and it can be consumed in any amount on par with firer. But we should be careful, because such a diet is not for everyone. Because there are some diseases in which consume firer in food, and, respectively, and keep any firer diet is strictly prohibited. Such diseases include increased gastric acidity, rheumatism, gout and rickets.

 Due to the huge amount of vitamins C and B contained in yogurt and sauerkraut, strengthens blood vessel walls, completely dissolve cholesterol plaques, recovering permeability of blood vessels. Recommend yogurt in a complex diet for the following diseases: atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, liver disease, renal and billiard tract, blood circulation failure and others. The important point during when observed on a cabbage diet and yogurt is to limit consumption of certain foods. Is any white bread and all flour products, pastries, potato dishes, which are prepared from potatoes, greasy, spicy foods, and alcoholic beverages? And besides the precision of food restrictions must diversify active sport life. This can be jogging or brisk walking, cycling and swimming, you need the blood supply of cells and tissues of the body perfectly contribute a weekly bath or sauna.

Expert Opinion

 Since these two products complement each other in the diet, then, as mentioned earlier – this will significantly affect the time for fasting. Fairly common, and giving quite a decent result, it is considered diet on sauerkraut and firer calculated only 4 days.

On the very first day for breakfast I may use a little cheese, salt the, optionally add chopped herbs and all good grind. Cooked weight greases a piece of bread. Drink a glass of yogurt, a small percentage of fat. For lunch cook cabbage soup. Onions, finely cut and passage added washed and squeezed sauerkraut and water, lightly salt and pepper, add the greens. At dinner – salad of pickled cabbage, tucking a little sunflower or olive oil. Bedtime to drink a glass of nonfat yogurt.

At breakfast the second day to prepare a salad of one banana, one apple and low-fat yogurt. Fruits take on 150-170 gr. Allowed to add a spoonful of muesli or cereal. Dinner is the same as the first day. For dinner, you can cook 150 gr. steamed fish and salad 200 gr. sauerkraut, can be a little spice vegetable oil. Dinner drink 1 cup low-fat yogurt.

On the third day breakfast cook a salad with the addition of 150 g. low fat cottage cheese. Dinner is the same as in the first two days plus add 200 gr. fish, steamed or 150 gr. boiled chicken. For dinner 2 chicken cutlets, made a couple of 200 gr. cabbage salad, a glass of buttermilk.

 Fat cottage cheese for breakfast mixed with yogurt, add fruit or nuts. For lunch, cabbage soup, 200 gr. fish, 1 cup of yogurt. At dinner – salad and vegetables, pre-baked in the oven. Vegetables can be exchanged for scrambled eggs 1st. Yogurt as desired.

 During the diet should always use water. Minimum consumption – 2 liters. No account is coffee and tea. It should also be borne in mind that they can only drink without sugar and sugar substitutes.

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