Diet and fitness routine Jessica Alba to be thin

dietFamous actress who manages to stay fit

Jessica Alba is a famous actress of film and television, so many women are both your diet and your exercise routine with the desire to be thin. If you are interested to know how he can stay in shape, do not miss this article.

Jessica Alba

Apparently Jessica Alba, like many women, suffered weight problems. Today seems to have overcome both problems. Therefore if you feel identified, what better to know what diet and what exercise routine takes to be thin and stay fit.

What is the diet of Jessica Alba

It is a diet that includes all food groups: dairy, meat, vegetables, fruits and cereals.

His daily diet consists of 4 meals a day.

To understand better, I will offer you a sample menu diet Jessica Alba

Sample menu diet Jessica Alba

Breakfast: Omelet low fat cheese and a fruit of your choice.

Lunch : Salad based on a variety of vegetables, fruit.

Snack : Some dairy, such as skim yogurt.

Dinner : Meat such as chicken or turkey without skin, or fish with fresh vegetables or steamed vegetables, fruit.

During the day, drink more than 2 liters of water per day, and if you feel hungry uses fresh fruits or nuts.

Jessica Alba keeps food such as: bread, desserts, junk food and high fat snacks and sugars, and to   supplement the diet makes a daily workout routine.

What is the physical exercise routine

Jessica Alba hits daily routine of 45 to 60 minutes of physical activity. It consists of a combination of aerobic activity and localized routine that tones and firms the body parts.

Jessica Alba

Celebrities are often taken as an example to keep in shape, illustration of them are Angelina Jolie , Antonio Bandera’s and Madonna .

It is important that you consider that diets should be personal and that while a diet may be good for one person may not be so good for others.

Remember it is always best to check with with your doctor and / or nutritionist before starting a diet to lose weight.

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