Control the urge to eat

lose weightThe anxiety, which often manifests itself through the urge to eat, is a state of hyper arousal nervous, we canister all undergo. However, there are tricks to control the urge to eat, with alternative treatments that can help.

Spot Anxiety

What we express our anxiety? One of the classic examples is the food. Who has not eaten sweets ad nausea, when you have felt anxious, either a problem, or just because seers. The urge to eat, Apnea us all.

There are tricks to control anxiety with alternative treatments:

The Food:

Food Not Advised

Foods that contain a lot of sugars


Foods high in fat and processed

Foods high in sodium, such as potato chips or salty snacks


Advised Food

Raw vegetables

Raw fruits


A handful of walnuts or hazelnuts


Hard boiled egg


Solo sport like swimming, organization, skating, cycling, etc.Diaphragmatic breathing deep, ancient technique to help control anxiety.Yoga, the Reiki, the Tai Chi, and Acupuncture help reduce stress, achieving much needed relaxation to control anxiety eating.The urge to eat is a problem that affects almost the entire population, so you can put these tips to control.

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