5 Ideas under 150 calories to eat on toast

weight loseRich and healthy for snacks when you are hungry between meals

Are you one of those who always hungry mid-morning or afternoon? Did you resolve these difficult periods without overdoing it with food? Well, in a plain toast bread, supplemented with the indicated elements, can get the key. Do not let go of these options!

Toast a slice of about 20 grams of toasted bread and has nothing more too about 60 calories. So, you on that basis, with only 90 calories add some other food, have a great 150 calorie snack that you provide satiety and allow you to eat something healthy and wealthy. Be sure to not try any of these options!

5 Ideas under 150 calories to eat in a toast:

Beet and white cheese 0%: Did you a piece of leftover beet cooked? Take a piece of 80 grams. Place in the bowl of the mixer with a tablespoon cheese about 20 grams. Processed with lemon juice, salt, pepper and some grass. Spread on toasted bread and you have a rich and healthy snack of 145 calories.

Some hummus never fails: Do you like the chickpea paste? Then you can take a taste, since it is usually sold commercially, has about 160 calories per 100 grams. Therefore, if you are using 50 grams on toast, you’ll be taking 140 calories of a protein, tasty and nutritious snacks. And if you prepare at home with less oil, more lemon and water, yet the lower the caloric content.

Please have rich carrot mayonnaise: 50 grams of mashed carrots combined with half a tablespoon of olive oil, garlic powder, and lemon juice, salt and pepper added just 150 calories. A rich and generous when you are hungry at any time of the day recipe.

A slice of turkey and white cheese: A slice of skinless turkey breast and roast about 20 grams has only 25 calories. If you add a spoonful of about 20 grams of white cheese spread, you have 50 more-and less well, according to the cheese you use. A few drops of lemon juice, a lettuce leaf, salt, and you have a perfect pimiento collation of only 135 calories.

Tomato and Avocado: 50 grams of diced tomatoes are just 10 calories. If you add 40 grams of avocado diced also, have 80 calories. Salt, pepper and a touch of lemon they should result in some 150 calories in a slice of toast.

Toasts a tip, it is worth noting that it is always better to use brown bread. While it may it have the same amount of calories, or a few less, is more nutritious, as will offer fiber, vitamins and other elements that bread made with refined white flour unfortunately do not provide. ‘s a change that costs anything that can benefit most.

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