What do you know of alkaline diet

dietTest your knowledge about the alkaline diet solving this puzzle

Have you heard of the alkaline diet? Probably you did more than once. However, the term alkaline diet can be confusing. This method is to avoid acidic foods, but avoid those that generate acids to be metabolized.  Discover how much you know about alkaline diet with this crossword.


If you’ve entered this post is because you enjoy crossword puzzles, along that you care about the benefits of a diet as alkaline, which promises a healthier life. Before the challenge, how about if we look quickly what this diet?

Proponents of the alkaline diet aim its missiles at the acidic residues in the body consumption of certain foods. If you eat an excessive amount of protein through food of animal origin and their derivatives, to be metabolized, they break the acid-base balance, generating a state of acidosis.

The pH of blood is the indicator of acid-base balance of the body. Normally, you have a pH, close to 7.4 slightly alkaline values. In such conditions, the elimination of toxins, which cause most diseases, is favored.

Hence, an alkaline diet is essentially a diet with detoxifying properties. Robert Young, creator and one of the main promoters said that a diet of this type should include about 80% alkaline foods.

But .Attention is not to avoid acidic foods like lemon, one of the greatest alkalizing, but those that generate acid when metabolized, such as dairy. In fact, one of the main remedies for acidosis is drinking lemon juice with baking soda, fasting.


Moreover, the plant generally is excellent alkalizing.   Instead, animal products generate organisms eliminate acids mainly through the kidneys.

However, like everything else, the alkaline diet is tricky. ‘s contraindicated or need your adjustments in certain circumstances, such as if you are celiac. For this reason, medical consultation must never fail, even when it comes to undertaking such a healthy diet.

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