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Weight loseLess food intake and reduced absorption of nutrients

For some years are increasingly obese people who undergo surgical treatment. If you’re considering this option, it is important to know all types of surgery, such as joint surgery characterized by cause reduced food intake and decreased nutrient absorption. Therefore, I invite you to learn what they are and what their advantages and disadvantages.

Weight loss

When deciding to do an emergency surgery to lose weight, it is important to know all the types of operations that exist, such as minor surgery, Surgeries and mixed complex surgeries.

What is joint surgery

Mixed surgeries are those that manage to ingest less food and absorb fewer nutrients, such as fat.

In this type of surgery reduces the size of the stomach to eat less food and the size is reduced the small intestine to reduce absorption of food. This type of intervention is not as intense as in the pure malabsorptive procedures.

What are the advantages of this type of intervention

Lose between 75 to 90% overweight, which is maintained over time.

It is the operation that causes the most weight loss.

Improving the quality of life, as it allows you to eat all kinds of food.

It is very well tolerated.

What are the disadvantages

It is a complex surgery that may have duration of more than two hours.

Requires long-term monitoring especially as it may have certain side effects such as diarrhea, hypoproteinemia and anemia among others.

What are the mixed interventions

Billiard-pancreatic bypasses Scopinaro. This type of surgery reduces the size of the stomach, gallbladder and appendix.

Duodenal junction. This operation is a variant of the previous surgery. 75% of the stomach is removed, avoiding direct emptying into the small intestine.

Weight loss

How the digestive system does is working after joint surgery

The stomach receives and digests food mixture, but in smaller amounts, since its size is smaller. Moreover, the small intestine is separated into two parts, reducing absorption.

It is important to have in mind that if you have a BMI greater than 30 or 40 may be necessary to consider surgery as a possible treatment for weight loss. Remember to consult your doctor.

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