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weight loseNonie is a tropical fruit that has gained more popularity in recent years, but in addition to its many medicinal and nutritional properties to lose weight, you need to know what has contraindications such fruit and what people indicated their consumption.

While the none fruit is popularly known in recent years for its medicinal properties and slimming benefits, the reality is that this tropical fruit was already used by ancient aboriginal peoples for its medicinal properties.

Although, apparently, and different studies, these many is necessary to know in which cases their use is contraindicated, and in what cases is indicated consumption of none juice .

What are the contraindications none

In pregnant women. Nonie has relaxing effects on uterine muscle tone, which could harm the baby retention.

Patients with chronic and severe kidney problems. People with chronic kidney disease especially those with renal failure. Nonie is high in potassium, and this would be detrimental to these patients.

Cardiac and / or transplanted people who are anticoagulant. Cardiac people who use blood thinners such as warfare should not consume none juice, since the latter reduces the effect of anticoagulant.

While these are possible contraindications is important that you consider the roots of this plant have carcinogenic effects due to the content of a compound known as 1-hydroxyanthraquinone. To be sure, this active ingredient is not found in the fruit.

Now that you know the contraindications, it is interesting to know what people indicated consumption of none fruit.

What people indicated Nonie juice

In principle people could consume such juice are those authorized by the physician. Nevertheless, could drink this juice those who suffer from the following diseases or conditions:

Overweight. Helps burn fat and eliminate excess fluids.

Depression. Increase the availability of neurotransmitters like serotonin, reducing the symptoms and signs of depression.

Nervousness. It has sedative effects by reducing the nerves.

Diarrhea. Has astringent effect, normalizing the intestinal flora.

Ulcer. Nonie provides active compounds that help reduce inflammation and scarring in case of gastritis or ulcers.

Retention. It has a diuretic effect, helping to eliminate excess body fluids.

Hemorrhoids. Apparently Nonie has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness and pain caused by hemorrhoids.

Respiratory problems caused by viruses or bacteria. It has antibacterial and antiviral action of agents that can cause respiratory infections.

Kidney problems caused by viruses or bacteria. Acts against infectious agents that can affect kidney function.

Inflammation of bones and joints. It is used against rheumatic problems, since s anti-inflammatory effect reduces swelling and pain characteristic of these diseases

Infections in general. Has disinfectant preventing bacteria and viruses act on wounds. Also helps heal these wounds.

Do not forget that while the none is a natural product also can have side effects and contraindications, so ask your doctor beforehand to avoid them.

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