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Weight loseHow much sugar is healthy

Consumption as a sweetener and as an ingredient in various products

It is known that sugar, especially white sugar, is one of the foods considered empty calorie foods. Well, because of this feature the World Health Organization considers it necessary to lower your consumption as much sweetener as an ingredient in various products. So, do not miss to know how much sugar is healthy.

Sugar is one of the star foods that favor the onset of obesity and other related diseases, such as diabetes or epidemically. According to experts, sugar is a time bomb for health.

As a result, the WHO warned of the need to reduce sugar consumption. Therefore, you may wonder how much sugar is healthy.

How much sugar is healthy

The amount of sugar should represent only 5% of total calories. Before this percentage was 10%, so the WHO considers that it is necessary to reduce the contribution by half. This represents 5% in 6 teaspoons. Even in the case of children should consume less than 6 teaspoons.

These 6 teaspoons of sugar, not only are you add to your drinks or meals, but also the sugar that is included in different products. As a result, the WHO suggests placing warnings about its harmful health effects on nutritional information, in the same way as is done with cigarettes or cigars.

Processed foods often provide a high percentage of sugar, not only as sucrose but also as molasses, fructose and dextrose, among others.

These recommendations are very important to pay attention not only sugar that you can add to your preparations, but the hidden sugar found in various products. Moreover, it is of great importance to the quality of life for today’s children and future adults.

Sugar consumption can cause not only obesity but also fatal cardiovascular disease. Therefore, read the nutritional information on products and purchases usually do not include sugar to your food or drink. This will not only lose weight, but you will improve your quality of life and your family.

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