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Weight loseHalf an hour of chat with fitness expert to tell you everything you need to know to lose weight

Summer is a time of year when everyone wants to look good. But for that, you have to start polishing the image from before. Want to get ready? Enter this competition and pave your average hour of direct talk with Susana Dakidissa, who will tell you all their secrets for how you want to see.

Are you looking for the final point made face to look good this summer? Then you will have the bonus you need to get it completely finished.

If you participate in this contest, you can win half hour personal conversation with Susana Dakidissa, the fitness instructor, who will tell you all their best tricks so you can be beat this holiday.

What you can win in this contest

Half an hour of chatting via Susana Dakidissa conference , the instructor You Tube star, whom you can ask all you want to know to be fit for the summer.

The security of knowing that you are receiving the recommendation of an expert , not only exercise, but also tricks to help you better feed you and do things the right way for you to change habits. Ultimately, that will serve to issues far beyond the very end of the summer.

The incentive to have a challenge ahead, which can take you to get fit at this time. Work under pressure and have the opportunity to face a challenge like this can be two great ways to make it.

What do you have to do to enter this contest

First, you must be eager to chat with Susana Dakidissa, to ask the questions you want to make and see how you can do to lose weight and get in shape for the summer. If you’re not that interested, let him have the best site to someone who has it.

You must convince the rest of the people that are right for him or earn this talk with Daki. So if you’re outgoing, you enjoy participating in new challenges and like to communicate your experiences, here’s a great opportunity.

How is this? You leave a comment on this article; you give reasons why you want to win this half-hour talk with Susana. Tell us your situation and convince us that you win. , in turn, should be invited to vote and also worry the text you type, which should be enough to touching others you choose.

For this reason, vote for the other, because if you do not win, you will ensure that you will be representing the right person, then that will tell you in great detail how she was with this topic.

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