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Weight loseLess hunger and satiety

Always wake up controversy within the food consumption of a diet to lose weight. Well, to further increase this controversy, a group of scientists who claim that consuming a carbohydrate-rich meal for dinner can be a groundbreaking method to lose weight, since it would produce less hunger and satiety.

Enzyme diet prodigious

Today there are many diets and weight loss methods, and each has its own features and characteristics. Many say that for a diet to be effective you need to consume carbohydrates in the first half of the day and protein foods after sunset.

Well, apparently there is a group of scientists who throw ground such diets, while giving a different nutritional approach to weight loss, based on carbohydrate intake after sunset.

Why would it be desirable to consume carbohydrates at night

Apparently, those who consume foods rich in carbohydrates preparations night patterns improve lepton, gherkin and disinfection.

Improving the concentration of hormone latter is very important, as it helps to reduce and treat insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. These two diseases are closely related to obesity and overweight.

According to some studies, a low calorie diet containing foods rich in carbohydrates after sunset improves the regulation of food intake, and thus increases satiety and reduces hunger.

Enzyme diet prodigious

This research was based on the diet that performed during the month of Ramadan persons professing the Muslim religion. During this period, fasting during the day and dinner only, which is rich in carbohydrates eaten. According to the results, it was noted that this diet was effective for weight loss control and insulin resistance reducing metabolic syndrome.

In conclusion, it is believed that a low calorie diet with a meal rich in carbohydrates could be an innovative method to consider before making the decision to treat with medications or surgery.

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