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weight loseSurgical intervention to reduce health risks

There are a variety of surgeries for weight loss and each has its peculiarities. Therefore, it is important to know all its features and then, along with the medical specialist to make the right decision which surgery is best for you, and achieve reduce various risk factors. Therefore, at this time in this article you will find the answer to which of these interventions are considered simple.

Proximal mastectomy

The weight loss surgeries are a valid alternative for the treatment of many obese people diet and exercise can not lose the need to reduce several risk factors and have a better quality of life weight.

Before undergoing surgery to lose weight, you need to know which ones are considered easier.

What is an easy weight loss surgery

Is called simple surgery that only those surgeries are performed only in the stomach, intestine untouched.

What is the purpose of these surgeries?

Its implementation is simpler and basically the objective is to prevent the patient from eating much. It is based on restricting food intake.

What are its advantages?

It acts on a single digestive organ.

Fewer alterations in the function of the digestive system.

They are simpler to perform.

What are the disadvantages

They may have complications like any other surgery.

Complex surgeries have better long-term results.

What are the transactions known as Slimming simple?

Within this type of intervention are only two simple techniques:

Adjustable gastric ring or belt. This surgery is considered a simple operation that does not require sutures. S and characterized by a band put out stomach. This ring or band is placed silicone.

Vertical banded gastroplasty. This type of surgery does not alter the gut and is a good choice for those with anemia. While these may be their positive characteristics, those who undergo this type of surgery have dizziness, vomiting and / or diarrhea.

Proximal mastectomy

Making the decision to undergo surgery for weight loss is very important, so make sure you know everything about them, so you feel secure when choosing which intervention is best for you and your health.

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