Top tips to speed up metabolism

lose weightFood, rest and exercise are key to the metabolism

If you like the columns to write our partner Susana Dakidissa, then it is time to enjoy its latest installment. The slogan is clear: follow all his tricks to activate metabolism, accelerate and be well prepared to burn fat. Do not miss it!


Are you a regular reader of the columns Dakidissa Susana writes for A Losing Weight? Then, this time surely find one that will interest you a lot. Daki is that this article will tell you the best tips you have on hand to activate your metabolism and thus be splendid. A slow metabolism does not help and, because of that, nothing better than having good asset. What if you read better advice?

Top tips to speed up metabolism, hand Susana Dakidissa:

The metabolism is quite different in each person. Some are faster and slower in others. This depends on many things: genetics, age , weight, physical activity you have, the food, the temperature of your environment, stress level, muscle mass and also some medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, which cause the metabolism to sluggish down.

What can be done to speed up metabolism

Drink plenty of water, about two liters a day; and also eliminate toxins and depuras body. You increase protein intake, because to digest, the body burns more calories to digest other foods. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles.

Low consumption of sugar and white flour, they contribute to the accumulation of fat in the body.Reduced salt which assists retention.

Forget the junk food and lead a very balanced diet, varied and healthy with high fiber foods such as whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits and green leafy vegetables. You can lead a satisfying diet full of foods that soothe your appetite but have few calories; this video is full of examples:

It is important to have dinner soon and light, because after 20 hours, the body begins to prepare for rest and metabolism slows.

Do not skip breakfast: A good breakfast gives you energy and prevents binge caloric things midmorning. The metabolism slows down if you do not eat breakfast.

Avoid restrictive diets because the body reacts by slowing the metabolism, as it gets accumulated in saving mode and everything that comes to him. Conversely, the body increases metabolism if you eat frequently. That is: Make five meals a day. Two small and three large. But of course, eating right amounts without going over.

Very important also is to eat slowly and chew food thoroughly. Use methods of preparing foods that are soft like baked, boiled, steamed, and grilled. Evita batters, sauces, and fried.

Food and plants that will help you speed up metabolism:

Use seaweed in your diet, are very rich in iodine and this helps to accelerate metabolism.Drink 3-4 cups a day of green teaor red, which also helps burn more calories.

Use hot spices in your meals : Curry , pepper , paprika, Tabasco, chili or garlic increase energy expenditure and act as fat burners; but it is very important to have clean and healthy your digestive system without toxins, because if it does not cost much to digest these foods and the body because this lowers metabolism.

There are some specific foods such as citrus fruits, foods rich in calcium and omega 3 which also speed up metabolism and help burn more fat.

Other tricks to speed up metabolism:

Try to sleep well. Lack of sleep makes you fat. If you sleep poorly, your body goes into save mode and low metabolism. Furthermore, little sleep makes you have more hunger.

Move much every day. Increase your daily activity, asset, as this also helps you. Besides, exercise several times a week moderately. Cardio, weights, walking .All this helps you to speed up metabolism, especially toning, which is important because the more muscle mass you contain, the more calories you flame, even at rest. ‘s body needs a lot of energy to keep that muscle mass.

Do interval training alongside your normal routines. This also helps you a lot as you burn calories during the workout and for hours after you finish.


How could you see, you have many options to start your body and also to activate your metabolism other less conventional ways. It’s only a matter of you follow the advice of Susana Dakidissa and enjoy after the results in your body

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