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weight loseAdvice all kinds so that you can be fit for the summer

Want to look flawless this summer? Then it’s time to follow these tips you will Susana Davidic to get in top shape for the summer.

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Summer is coming. Well that still needs to go a stretch, but already many people who are thinking about how to shape for this season, which all want to look beautiful. So Susana Davidic makes you get their best tricks to get flawless to the summer season. Do you find the idea interesting? You still have time to start planning and encourage you. Leave for not following the advice of our star instructor!

To lose weight and keep it stable, the effective way is to follow a varied and balanced diet, together with physical activity. No need to make great sacrifices or starve: the best to lose a few kilos for the summer is to make small changes in your diet. So, will lose weight slowly and you will get used to eating much better.

Davidic you said a number of tricks you need to start because it is already April and little kick for the summer:

Just get up, take a lemon juice mixed with water fasting. Lemon is diuretic; helps eliminate toxins, cleanse the body and eliminate accumulated fats.

Take infusions: the no cleansing, diuretic, fat burners and truly help. For example, you can drink red tea, green tea, radios, dandelion, horsetail, seen, birch, horse chestnut, butcher’s broom, hyssop. That’s right: you take them unsweetened.

Replaces any lunch, dinner or breakfast occasionally by a green smoothie. Healthy, satisfying and low in calories. They are made by mixing vegetables with fruits and beating them.

Drink plenty of water. Classic two liters and more, as it is essential for weight loss.

Do not take carbohydrates from the late.  Carbohydrates, if you take in the morning, you will provide enough energy for the day. If you consume during the afternoon or evening, the energy does not consume and accumulate as fat.

Maybe breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So it is good a varied breakfast and not too low to give you energy and not hungry mid-morning. This prevents you feel like something with a lot of calories.

Takes care what you drink Dining If you spend will accumulate; and if you will get hungry, you’ll feel like half the night bite. Ideally Dining vegetables and protein

Reduce everything you can on saturated fats, fried, breaded, sauces, soft drinks, sweets and things that lead sugar. Reduce salt intake and watch the pecking. If you get hungry between meals, making fruit, yogurt, a few inches nuts, whole wheat toast with tomato. Healthy things that do not add too many calories.

It’s good to eat five times a day, so your body does not store the calories in reserve. Also, if you always follow the same schedule, your body will not be hungry for hours.

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As for exercise, the most important thing is to choose an activity that you feel comfortable that you like and that you can make about 4 or 5 times a week, or more if you want. Nor do you have to choose just one activity: ideally be alternated. You know you’re in my channel videos of all kinds. You can work on toning, cardio, harden certain areas or what most prefer. Theme is to keep you busy.

And if what you most want is to lose weight, do enough cardio. About 45-60 minutes, 4 or 5 days per week. Combine with some toning. Besides other things you can do: cycling, swimming, walking a lot, go jogging, sign up for dance lessons. The more you move, the better: the more it will mold your body for the summer. It is important to be consistent and stick with the exercise until you get the desired results, and then switch to a maintenance dose can be half of the year we were doing before.

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