The trap of diets

dietAcceptance and Commitment Therapy to say stop to overweight

Millions of people around the world jumping from diet to diet without achieving the main objective, which is to lose weight. Quite the opposite of what is desired, this increases the frustration and lack of commitment to health. So to get out of the trap of dieting, I suggest you know the acceptance and commitment therapy to say stop to overweight.


Most people who are overweight or obese have done and have tried most of the fad diets or have seen a doctor for weight loss. While a percentage of these patients achieved weight loss, many go from diet to diet award the longed looking to lose weight, almost without realizing it. This is the trap of diets.

Initially, diets seem to be the panacea. But after the passage of time, you find the reality promise more than fulfilled.

Some scientific researchers have seen this behavior a reason to investigate. One of the researchers, Dr. Lillis, believes that the best way to lose weight forever and out of the trap of diets is conducting an acceptance and commitment therapy. This method lets you follow a number of strategies that help you get out of the vicious cycle of jumping from diet to diet.

The reality is quite different:  instead of putting the focus on losing weight, you need to be objective change habits. If you manage to change you’re eating habits and incorrect behaviors with more healthy life, weight loss will naturally, and have learned to keep it all your life.

For the creators of this method to lose weight, you need to teach people how to accept her and from there find what motivates them to lose weight. The way to do this is through acceptance and change.

What therapy is based acceptance and commitment

This therapy is based on teaching strategies to you, first, accept yourself,  and then commit to changes in lifestyle that guide you in the right way to lose weight.

This type of psychological therapy increases flexibility; if helps you get in touch with the here and now in a conscious way. Through certain exercises given by a psychologist or physical therapist, is achieved in a healthy way to make contact with thoughts, feelings, and memories, etc.That helps you understand your relationship with food and commit to change.


This is much more than a way to lose weight: it is a lifestyle change that manages to understand what food means to you and how it relates to you feel some emotions, such as anxiety or sadness.

The treatment would reverse to traditional, as it would go from the inside out. Body and mind must unite in order to become aware of who you are what your positive and negative thoughts that can sabotage your diet and what your desires are. Once you practice certain exercises and strategies, you manage to connect with food from a healthier place. I mean, you learn to eat to live and let live to eat.

Perhaps the most difficult and arduous road, but in my opinion it is the most recommended,  because not only you’ll look good on the outside, but also feel good about yourself and your environment .

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