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dietOne week free raw vegan diet so you can lose weight

Time to new competition in A Losing Weight! At this time you can win a week’s raw vegan, completely controlled diet and followed by Irene Good, nutritionist and specialist in the field. Do not miss this opportunity!

Raw Food Want to try to lose weight in a healthy way? Want to learn a new way of eating? Then it’s time to meet this new competition jointly proposed to Lose Weight and Irene Good.

What you can win in this contest

A week of raw food diet consists of 70% full, specially made by Irene Good, nutritionist, chef and referent crudiveganismo inSpain.

The detailed menu, so you do not have any hesitation in doing it, and the custom track a professional in the field. If you win the contest, Irene will monitor your diet and also to give you exactly what you need, according to what you answer a questionnaire.

The ability to know a super healthy life style, you open the doors to a different food; you can report you benefits not only your weight but also your entire body.

You’re carrying a prize having a value in excess of 100 euros! Market and no more need to participate in the contest, contact the specialist for email and follow its instructions.

This competition has the clear idea that you can lose weight with a curious method that has worked for you to many people as it is the raw diet or raw vegan raw. It is trendy in the world and you can get it running great way to lose weight.

It is a diet that advocates eating foods as they come, never cooked over 42 ° C, because this way they do not lose any kind of properties. Way, you make sure to take all the micronutrients your body needs to be in perfect condition, eliminating what is not needed and incorporating what is best for him.

Irene good

What do you have to do to enter this contest

First, you must have really wanted to try raw or raw vegan diet and see how it works for weight loss.

You must convince the rest of the people that are right for him or win this week diet monitored by the specialist Irene Good. So if you are outgoing, you enjoy participating in new challenges, and like to communicate your experiences, here’s a great opportunity.

How is this? You leave a comment on this article, you give reasons why you want to win this diet. Tell us your situation and convince us that you must earn. In turn, you must be invited to vote and your text should be moving enough so that others will choose.

And this does not end the thing: You can also will participate in an interview at the end of the diet, where you will tell everyone how you felt.

For this reason, vote for the other , because if you do not win, you will ensure that you will be representing the right person, then that will tell you in great detail how well it works this type of practice.

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