Prepare garlic chips to give taste to your meals

lose weightA great recipe to spice up your light meals

Did not it occur how to consume garlic to lose weight and want other variants? Take a good head of garlic, follow this recipe and prepared chips, which have all the time ready to spice up your meals and use their properties without suffering bad breath.

Garlic powder

One of the biggest problems you may encounter when preparing foods for weight loss, is that many do not have the flavor that you claim. Overindulge No salt or fats, or oils, sauces and even less that can make you fat. For this reason, spices and condiments become a very interesting option.

Why not try preparing these delicious and simple garlic chips? It is known that garlic is one of the vegetables that more capacity has to provide flavor to foods and also in this preparation will not be as strong as if you ate crude. And you can use it in slices or even grind to apply directly on the dish you fancy. Feel like preparing a recipe that provides virtually no calories to your dishes and other flavorful?


A head of garlic

Spray plant

Butter or release paper


Peel the garlic, scrape out the inner buds and all reanalysis a thin thickness, but not finite like paper. Stay Try to get all approximately the same thickness.

Spray a baking sheet with vegetable spray and place over it a release paper. Placed there scattered all garlic slices without overlapping each other. It will take a little time, but it can be done without problems to coat.

Takes well under oven, since the idea is just browned, but garlic is dry and crisp to take a lot of flavor. Even if you have a dehydrator, do not hesitate to do it there.

Once browned, just, without burning, and have to be ready. Separate them and have ready for use on any of your meals.

Garlic powder

How can you use this recipe

You can sprinkle in pieces: Stings a little garlic chips and sprinkle on a salad, some fish or as a condiment for any meal where you want a more coarse texture.

You can use integers: Whole slices can go quite well in a sandwich, toast or a marinade.

You can spray: Grind garlic chips in a mortar or grinder and wonders you will come to any meal.

Prepares a light dressing your food: Mix the chopped garlic chips with rosemary, pepper, oregano and will have a light dressing perfectly for your dishes.

Do not give bad breath and its properties will continue there.

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