Prepare garlic chips to give taste to your meals

lose weightA great recipe to spice up your light meals

Did not it occur how to consume garlic to lose weight and want other variants? Take a good head of garlic, follow this recipe and prepared chips, which have all the time ready to spice up your meals and use their properties without suffering bad breath.

Garlic powder

One of the biggest problems you may encounter when preparing foods for weight loss, is that many do not have the flavor that you claim. Overindulge No salt or fats, or oils, sauces and even less that can make you fat. For this reason, spices and condiments become a very interesting option.

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Steamed fish fillet with cabbage

dietRecipe light and thermogenic

Want to eat a light and thermogenic preparation?. So do not miss this recipe for steamed fish fillet with cabbage.


If you want to lose weight you need to have on hand a number of low-calorie recipes to help you achieve it. As well as being light may have other features, such as be thermionic. These recipes

A preparation containing thermionic foods that help you burn fat , such as peppers, chili or ginger . If you combine these foods with fish and a vegetable like cabbage, you’ll get an ideal preparation for weight loss.

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How much do you know about diets

dietTest yourself: look at this soup diet to the 15 most popular

Are you living from diet to diet? Have you tried new or established how much diet has crossed you in life? If so, know much about it. Challenge you to find only 15 of the most famous in this soup diets. Have fun and learn while you test your knowledge.

Weight if you live eternally on a diet, there are several possibilities:

You’re a victim of rebound effect. Most fast diets you exposed to this risk. Hmmm. bad choice. You must choose a balanced diet.

You’ve become a diet. Dietetics if you’re a live diet, even when you are in your weight. Obsession is never good. Enjoy more of the pleasures of food, without fear of losing control.

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How to work at home diet

dietAvoid snacks that derail your desire to lose weight

If you work at home and want to diet, you need to know how to do to avoid the constant pecking derail your desire to lose weight.

Working from home can be very advantageous, but can undermine your diet. Why? Because the closeness of the refrigerator and pantry can be irresistible. If you add to this temptation lack of physical exercise, you can be facing a problem with your weight.

To avoid this and not add kilos to your body, it is important that you know how to diet work at home.

How to make working at home diet

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Beetroot detox purifying water

lose weightA refreshing water with a twist of lemon and rosemary, very good for the liver

Do you like water detox recipes? Then are amazing because they help you not only give a different taste to the water each day, but also provide you wonderful properties. There are many variations that you can try. Now you have touched this delicious detox and cleansing beet water.

Beet water

The detox waters are raging. People do not stop to try them in any format and is always looking for new recipes that help them do detox, cleanse your body, deflated and, incidentally, have something good to drink at any rich time of day. That’s how they end up becoming a fabulous choice.

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APP light diet for gallbladder problems

dietStimulate the gallbladder to metabolize fats

Sometimes the problem of bladder and overweight go hand in hand. So if you suffer from both conditions is necessary that you make a light diet that will help stimulate the gallbladder to metabolize fats effectively. I invite you to meet our dietary APP.

The gallbladder is an organ that plays an important role, especially the fat metabolism. If the operation of this body is deficient may encounter one of the most common gallbladder problems such as gallstones .

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Low calorie salad of cucumber and sesame

lose weightA delicious recipe light, oriental and perfect to accompany meals

Want a rich, easy accompaniment and will not provide a lot of calories to your diet? Then this cucumber salad and sesame is right for you. You have only to read the article and learn how to prepare this traditional oriental salad, light, everywhere you look.

Cucumber salad and sesame

Cucumber is one of those vegetables that arouse passions. Detest are those who like unique and has its diehard fans. True, it is a vegetable with excellent properties, which is a great ally in the diet to lose weight and also well prepared, you can be rich.

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Cheese low in fat and calories

lose weightSaucer 250 calories and rich in omega-3 fat

When dieting meal plan is a challenge. Therefore, nothing better to incorporate fish and vegetables. A great dish that contains both foods is the sole with spinach gratin with cheese. This preparation is low in fat and provides only 250 calories.

Losing weight is important, but if you do it in a healthy way is much more. Therefore, you need examples of recipes to help you achieve this, such as a dish of sole with spinach gratin with cheese.

This dish gives your dietary fiber, omega 3s and very few calories.

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Diet plane

dietLight chicken with applesauce

A recipe with chicken, easy and rich, perfect for any diet

Are you looking for a new recipe to add to your low calorie menu? Then this course is right for you. It is a light chicken with a rich sauce of apples. You have only to read the article and follow the directions to have a calorie rich food on your table.

Applesauce Many times it becomes difficult to find some new recipes all the time, to avoid boredom and diet menu becomes tedious. This is why it is always good to seek fresh options, low calorie but provide satisfaction to the palate, satiety and do not put your system in check.

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