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Weight loseA disease patient tells you everything from first person

Do you suffer from hypothyroidism? Have doubts? Want to know a little more about the problem? Then it’s time you read this interview with Silvia Chivi responsible and blog! I have hypothyroidism and a person who is very familiar with this issue firsthand.

Silvia chivi hypothyroidism

The hypothyroidism is one of the most serious problems associated with weight gain. Are many, many people who gain weight due to this kind of problems?

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Lose weight plane

Lose weight5 foods that fight fat body

Speeding up your metabolism naturally

There are all kinds of diets; there is cleansing, detoxifying and fat burning. If you’re interested in the diet is in the past, you can not fail to take into account at least 5 foods that fight against body fat, accelerating the metabolism naturally. Do not miss to meet you!


The fat burning diets seeking to accelerate metabolism and there are several ways to achieve this: one is incorporating foods for their nutritional characteristics fighting fat eliminating it naturally and effectively.

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Peach dessert vanilla

lose weight62 calories sweet pure

If you fancy something sweet and do not want to add too many calories to your diet, you can not miss this tasty dessert peach vanilla, sweet pure 62 calories.One of the major problems which can face when you diet is so sweet anxiety.

Since it is not advisable to suppress the desire to eat something sweet, it is important to have on hand several easy to prepare recipes that allow you to go with the temptation and ease anxiety. Therefore, do not miss these dessert just 62 calories.

Peach dessert vanilla

Nutrition Facts

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A diet to lose weight

diet to lose weightSample meal under 500 calories

One of the best ways to implement a diet to lose weight, you know examples of low calorie foods that are transformed into a food that you can carry wherever you need. In this article you will find a lunch under 500 calories.

If you are looking to lose weight and do not know how to do, it is important to have an example of light meals, as it is a low-calorie diet, low in fat and high in fiber.

Calorie, fiber hippocras and Brunch

120 gr. lean roast beef.

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Diet tips

dietFactors that negatively influence the thinning process

If you feel that despite the lower than expected no diet, may be that your metabolism is slow. If you want to know why, keep in mind some factors that negatively influence the thinning process.

Metabolism converts what you eat into energy. For each activity you do, even without realizing it, such as sleeping, breathing or digesting food requires energy. That energy is derived from what you eat. If the metabolism slows down, instead of wasting energy, the body saves.

So as you can increase metabolism, can also reduce. It is therefore important to know the factors that can cause this slowness.

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Food diet

dietPotato salad and strawberries, fresh and healthy

A satisfying, and surprising summer recipe

Have no doubt: the late spring and summer are the right times to eat salads of all kinds. Are you up with an innovative proposal? These combine   potatoes, strawberries and other fresh ingredients in one dish. Surprise yourself with this rich recipe, light and healthy.

Potato salad

The heat is coming and this is always a good reason to enjoy a delicious salad. The options you can prepare are actually many, that’s for sure. But you can also encourage more and try some mixtures, a priori, may sound strange, but are wonderful and are made based on completely healthy ingredients.

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The tea to lose weight

lose weightWhat are the slimming tea

Tea is such a popular beverage like coffee and can be included in a diet to lose weight, as it has benefits that help you lose weight. If you want to know how you can help and what are its properties do not miss this article.

To begin it is significant to note that there are a variety of teas and each has different properties that allow you to lose weight.

Among the most popular slimming teas to find the derivatives of tea, like green tea, the red tea, the black tea or black tea. These varieties come from the same plant called Camellia Insistence.

Moreover, you have herbal teas that can help you lose weight, burning fat, reducing anxiety or purifying the body. Within this group destine find medicinal herbs such as horsetail, Valerian and algae, among others.

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Weight lose plane

Weight loseLess hunger and satiety

Always wake up controversy within the food consumption of a diet to lose weight. Well, to further increase this controversy, a group of scientists who claim that consuming a carbohydrate-rich meal for dinner can be a groundbreaking method to lose weight, since it would produce less hunger and satiety.

Enzyme diet prodigious

Today there are many diets and weight loss methods, and each has its own features and characteristics. Many say that for a diet to be effective you need to consume carbohydrates in the first half of the day and protein foods after sunset.

Well, apparently there is a group of scientists who throw ground such diets, while giving a different nutritional approach to weight loss, based on carbohydrate intake after sunset.

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Top tips to speed up metabolism

lose weightFood, rest and exercise are key to the metabolism

If you like the columns to write our partner Susana Dakidissa, then it is time to enjoy its latest installment. The slogan is clear: follow all his tricks to activate metabolism, accelerate and be well prepared to burn fat. Do not miss it!


Are you a regular reader of the columns Dakidissa Susana writes for A Losing Weight? Then, this time surely find one that will interest you a lot. Daki is that this article will tell you the best tips you have on hand to activate your metabolism and thus be splendid. A slow metabolism does not help and, because of that, nothing better than having good asset. What if you read better advice?

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Weight lose tips

Weight loseLess food intake and reduced absorption of nutrients

For some years are increasingly obese people who undergo surgical treatment. If you’re considering this option, it is important to know all types of surgery, such as joint surgery characterized by cause reduced food intake and decreased nutrient absorption. Therefore, I invite you to learn what they are and what their advantages and disadvantages.

Weight loss

When deciding to do an emergency surgery to lose weight, it is important to know all the types of operations that exist, such as minor surgery, Surgeries and mixed complex surgeries.

What is joint surgery

Mixed surgeries are those that manage to ingest less food and absorb fewer nutrients, such as fat.

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