Weight lose plane

Weight loseHow much sugar is healthy

Consumption as a sweetener and as an ingredient in various products

It is known that sugar, especially white sugar, is one of the foods considered empty calorie foods. Well, because of this feature the World Health Organization considers it necessary to lower your consumption as much sweetener as an ingredient in various products. So, do not miss to know how much sugar is healthy.

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Tips to achieve a low-fat diet

 low-fat dietWhen weight loss is necessary to adjust the diet and reduce fat, for this I invite you to learn three tricks or tips to help you have a low-fat diet.

Cochran oil

One of the goals of a diet to lose weight is to reduce dietary fat and replacing saturated fats and Tran’s fats good quality. So if you want to know how to achieve a low-fat diet easily, just keep in mind three tips.

3 Tricks to reduce fat to your meals

Use cooking spray or spray. Replace the traditional oil cooking spray or spray can dramatically reduce the fat content of food. When cooking oil, a large part goes to food.

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Orlistat slimming

dietOrlistat Warnings consumption

The  is a drug approved by the FDA for the treatment of obesity or overweight in the presence of different risk factors. Despite its therapeutic action, this medicine may have contraindications, so it is necessary that before eating, know the warnings that exist regarding this drug.

Orlistat is a medicine that is prescribed for the treatment of obesity or overweight. Two presentations Orlistat 60 mg and 120 mg. Such medicine is indicated in a complementary way with diet and exercise. In general it is suggested to take 3 times a day with each main meal.

This drug works by inhibit the amalgamation of fats from the diet foods, and if it is beneficial for many obese; you may also have contraindications that must be taken into account.

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Diet tips

Diet tipsPinches low calorie sweet potato for your diet

A simple and rich recipe for your family

Want to eat something rather rich, than for anything complicated and meets the expectations of your palate? Then these sweet potato skewers can be an excellent and simple choice. Be sure to follow the steps proposed in this recipe and have ready to eat in minutes.

Sweet potato

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Diet plane

Diet planePotato salad and strawberries, fresh and healthy

A satisfying, and surprising summer recipe

Have no doubt: the late spring and summer are the right times to eat salads of all kinds. Are you up with an innovative proposal? These combine   potatoes, strawberries and other fresh ingredients in one dish. Surprise yourself with this rich recipe, light and healthy.

Potato salad

The heat is coming and this is always a good reason to enjoy a delicious salad. The options you can prepare are actually many, that’s for sure.

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Diet plane

Diet planeImproves digestion, reduces acidity and a lighter feel

Not always the heaviness and swelling are related to overeating, dieting and can suffer from these conditions. If you want to lose weight, feel light and reduce acidity, it is important that you carry out a special diet, such as the APP 7 day plan. Do not miss it!


There are many causes of bloating: eating too fast, high-fat foods or high in fiber or the presence of diseases such as irritable bowel or intolerance to certain foods, as milk or certain compounds found in certain cereals.

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Slim belly

SlimWhy fat is deposited in the abdomen

Risk factors that affect health

While the increase in adipose tissue is distributed throughout the body, there are special areas where fat accumulates to a greater extent, such as the abdomen. If you want to know why this process happens and what the risk factors affecting health are, do not miss this item.


When food intake is greater than energy expenditure, a positive balance is reflected in weight gain occurs. When your slim line adipose tissue increases, especially in certain parts of the body such as the belly.

Why increase the adipose tissue around the waist

For the effect of different factors that directly influence the adipose tissue, such as genetics, body type, hormonal imbalances, pollutants and chemicals, alcohol consumption, previous illnesses and medication.

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Weight lose plane

Weight loseHalf an hour of chat with fitness expert to tell you everything you need to know to lose weight

Summer is a time of year when everyone wants to look good. But for that, you have to start polishing the image from before. Want to get ready? Enter this competition and pave your average hour of direct talk with Susana Dakidissa, who will tell you all their secrets for how you want to see.

Are you looking for the final point made face to look good this summer? Then you will have the bonus you need to get it completely finished.

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Surgeries for weight loss

weight lossMore life expectancy, higher quality of life

Surgeries for weight loss help millions of people to increase their life expectancy and quality of life. Therefore, it is important to know all types of surgery in the world. In this article you will learn what it is and what a complex surgery are known.

Gastric bypass

Obesity is considered an epidemic disease, as millions of people suffer. Unfortunately the figures are not very encouraging, since according to the FAO / WHO different countries face a major health problem.

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Weight lose

weight loseSurgical intervention to reduce health risks

There are a variety of surgeries for weight loss and each has its peculiarities. Therefore, it is important to know all its features and then, along with the medical specialist to make the right decision which surgery is best for you, and achieve reduce various risk factors. Therefore, at this time in this article you will find the answer to which of these interventions are considered simple.

Proximal mastectomy

The weight loss surgeries are a valid alternative for the treatment of many obese people diet and exercise can not lose the need to reduce several risk factors and have a better quality of life weight.

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